Kensington,PA-Congratulations to the Western Pennsylvania Wildcatz on their 2019 PAFL Championship things will get very interesting next season in the Gridiron Developmental Football League, as we continue to add top tier teams throughout the country. The GDFL has added two 2019 league champions within a ten day span the Northeast Ohio Silverbacks of Akron, OH along with the Western Pennsylvania Wildcatz of New Kensington,PA both organizations are now members of the the overall #1 developmental football league in the country. "We are looking forward to adding even more high caliber teams throughout the northeast and beyond",stated Chief Executive, Charles Thompson.  


  • Marlon Oden opened up the scoring on a pick six  
  • 2nd quarter Marlon Oden second quarter interception set up Pitbulls on the 15 yardline of the Wildcatz
  •  Micheal Wilson scampered in from 10 yards out 13:00 minutes into the second quarter.
  •  Pitbulls sore again with 9:48 in the left in the first half, Pitbulls make a goaline stand in the second quarter with 5:40 left before halftime keeping the Wildcatz off the board.


  • Paul Jones Jr connected on two touchdown scores with to #5 Rapheal Hurd 
  • #12 Jamar White who also pulled in a big 4th and 14 yard catch and run to keep the game tying drive alive
  • After Jones Jr connected with #5 Rapheal Hurd to make the game 20-21
  • kicker #87 Pete Kariotis to kick the game tying extra point to send the game into overtime!
  • Western Pennsylvania Wildcatz Defense shut-out Pitbulls 2nd in 2nd Half


In double over time being down 21-0 going into the 4th quarter.. the Wpa Wildcatz battled back behind the arm of QB Paul Jones Jr. and a great defensive unit that refused to allow any more points in the second half,which allowed the Wildcatz to come out on top 27-24 to win there 2 PAFL League championship in 4 years!!

 Fire VS WILDCATZ 1st Round 

It was a tale of two quarterbacks and one of the top defenses in the country through the 2019 PAFL playoffs in three of the most memorable games that will never be forgotten in Wildcatz history!

 With all three playoff games coming down to the final play, Wpa Wildcatz didn’t hold back on the drama! Either being the first round game vs the Columbus Fire where the Fire had scored on the final play of the game and in attempt to end the game they choose to go for 2 points and was stopped short giving the Wpa Wildcatz a 20-19 win over the 2x PAFL Champions, Columbus Fire who will also be joining the Wildcatz in the Gridiron Developmental Football League.  


If you thought the first round was a tight one! You should have seen the semi final game vs the Detroit Seminoles! The Wildcatz defense stepped up big again holding the game to 2-8 going into the final drive of the game with Western PA trailing. After a long day on the offense for the Wildcatz committed 5 turnovers, they had 1 drive to go 75 yards with 49 seconds to go.. After a brief quarterback change the Wildcatz put back in QB#4 Darrien Fields and said, the game is yours!

Head Coach Chuck Arn made the decision to go with Fields sending him the message to be the determining factor weather the Wildcats win.. or lose! Fields then went 75 yards and on the final play, 4th and goal from the 2 yard line... #4 Darrien Fields rolled left and found #5 Rapheal Hurd in the back of the end zone to tie the game up at 8-8!

 With only needing the extra point to win the game and take the Wpa Wildcatz to the league championship for the 4th straight year! They called on the trusty leg of kicker #87 Pete Kariotis who didn’t let anyone down as he split the uprights and sent the Wildcatz to the championship! Final score 9-8 Wpa Wildcatz over the Detroit Seminoles!


The this past weekend  would not only be the championship game for the Wildcatz but also there starting quarterback Darrien Fields was set to go in for surgery to become a different kind of champion. On the Friday before the championship game Field was set to go under the knife to help save his uncle by donating one of his kidneys. Without knowing the exact date of the surgery till a few weeks ago the Wildcatz where made to make a decision on the championship starting quarterback. With #1 Paul Jones Jr dealing with a injured shoulder he suffered in week 3, so the Wildcatz called on the their number one playmaker, #5 Rapheal Hurd! Hurd started the game off rough with a pick six on the very first drive of the game giving the Canton Pitbulls a 7-0 lead early. 

On the second drive of the game things ended bad also with another interception that lead to another Pitbulls touchdown. The Wildcatz knew they needed to make a change at Quarterback and be able to get the ball into Hurds and the other wide receivers hands. On comes #1 Paul Jones Jr! Said he was going to suck it up and get through the pain to help bring us back! Things didn’t start out very smooth for Jones who on his first drive Threw a interception that also lead to another touchdown by the Canton Pitbulls giving them a 21-0 lead into half time.

 The Wildcatz started off the 3rd quarter with a stop by the defensive unit lead by #8 Mortty Ivy and after a great punt return by #5 Rapheal Hurd, the Wildcatz where able to get the ball to the 1 yard line only to fail on 4th and goal and come up empty handed.. Paul Jones Jr was missing his targets high and was not in any rhythm, and then the 4th quarter came with your Wpa Wildcatz down 21-0... Jones started to warm up! 

Jones went on 3 long drives after the Wpa Wildcatz defensive unit held strong and never gave up or turned there back on their struggling quarterback and the offense. Jones connected on scores with two to #5 Rapheal Hurd, #12 Jamar White who also pulled in a big 4th and 14 yard catch and run to keep the game tying drive alive. And what made that last drive even sweeter is the Pitbulls owner started lighting off fireworks to celebrate what he thought was a Pitbulls win.

 After Jones Jr connected with #5 Rapheal Hurd to make the game 20-21 Wildcatz had to depend on Mr. Clutch, kicker #87 Pete Kariotis to kick the game tying extra point to send the game into overtime! Some unsung hero’s on the field goal team that may go unnoticed is holder #13 Damien Cornish who made some great holds under pressure throughout the playoffs and we definitely can’t forget the long snapper and our starting MLB #33 Nico Price Sr.

 He was able to make these game winning snaps with little or no energy left in the tank! Definitely hats off to those guys and the o-line lead by #88 Robert Daft who was playing one a injured leg and #99 Bob Hammer, #55 Saquan Thomas, #49 Ree Shedrick, #86 Nate Mosey, #17 Howard Scott, #51 Jason Curenton, and #54 Timothy Devonshire. All these guys on the front line where battling injuries throughout the playoffs and where able to put it aside and finish the job!

As overtime started the Wildcatz failed to score from the 25 yard line as this league plays by college over time rules and there for the Pitbulls had gotten the ball back and where in field goal range... Standing at 6’9 another unsung hero who had been out all season with a broken collarbone.. #19 Nate Harper was called into action to block the field goal! With the help of #6 Dana Brown Jr that they did! 

The Wildcatz lived to see double overtime! The Pitbulls started the second over time with the ball and when they where held by the Wildcatz stingy defensive unit. Pitbulls lined up for a field goal attempt went wide left!

 All the Wildcatz had to do was get into field goal range to attempt the game winning kick! #1 Paul Jones Jr had other plans.. on third down WPA where in range for the kick, but Jones decided to leave the game on his arm and connected for his 4th touchdown pass to #18 Bruce Thornton Jr who also has been out since last season when he tore his knee up on his way to leading the PAFL in 2018 in receiving yards. Thornton made a veteran receiver move to get just enough separation to catch what was a perfect pass from Jones in the back of the end zone to give your Wpa Wildcatz their second league championship in 4 years, last one in 2016! 


Game co MVPs are quarterback #1 Paul Jones Jr, and wide receiver #5 Rapheal Hurd. 

Playoffs MVP is #8 Defensive End, Mortty Ivy! 

 Wpa Wildcatz finish the 2019 season 14-0 

PS! Darrien Fields surgery was a success! 2 championships in one day!


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