by Gridiron Media

Tacoma,WA-In a relentless pursuit of victory, the West Sound Rebels have once again secured a spot in the playoffs for the second consecutive year. With their eyes set on the ultimate prize, the Rebels are proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the GDFL.

Last year marked the Rebels' inaugural season in the GDFL, a debut that showcased their prowess with an impressive 10-2 record. Their journey led them to the semi-final championship clash, where they were narrowly edged out by the Inglewood Blackhawks. But this year, they've come back stronger than ever, seizing back-to-back division championships.

The 2023 edition of the Rebels is an embodiment of resilience and determination, with a remarkable 80% of their players returning from last season. Their tenacious performances have catapulted them to an undefeated 8-0 record, earning them the #1 spot in the West and first-round bye week as the 2023 GDFL playoffs begin. Coach Brian Mann attributes this remarkable streak to the players' unwavering unity, offseason dedication, and an insatiable hunger for victory.

At the heart of their explosive offense is a three-man backfield that never takes a play off. Tyquan Bowie, Marshuad Dewalt, and Randy Grier have proven themselves to be a formidable trio, unleashing havoc on opposing defenses. Quarterback J.T Ta'ase, a central figure in the Rebels' strategy, returns after amassing over 3000 passing yards last season. Supported by an exceptional receiving corps led by Cory Klingberg, Thomas Alston, and Kofi Goseer, the Rebels are a relentless offensive powerhouse.

Coach Patrick Clark, overseeing the offensive and defensive lines, commends his "Big Dawgs" for creating the perfect environment for their offensive stars to shine. Led by captain Dominic Ramirez, the offensive line's meticulous execution is what enables the Rebels' multifaceted offense to thrive.

Offensive Coordinator Anthony Kinney Sr. envisions a championship run culminating in D.C. With a few strategic additions and a seamlessly meshed offensive unit, Kinney believes this team is ready to seize the ultimate prize. Kinney takes great pride in the team's resilience after a heart-wrenching loss in the Western Conference championship last year and believes that has been a driving force behind the offensive's consistency and determination.

Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach Sam Smith presides over a defensive unit that has proven its mettle this season. With a collective effort, they've held their opponents to a mere 38 points, translating to a paltry average of 4.75 points per game. Defensive leaders Thien Tran, Kody Martinez, Tavarus Breland, and Thomas Alston have been instrumental in this relentless defense attack. 

Additionally, the return of several key defensive lineman including Isley Stoneham, Darius Riddley, and Ryan Blowers and their constant presence bullying opposing offensive linemen has paved the way for the Rebels' secondary, who has thrived this season at shutting down opponents in the passing game. Notably, Tyquan Bowie and Darius Riddley have also showcased their versatility by contributing effectively on both sides of the ball. But behind every triumph lies a meticulously crafted foundation. Coach Brian Mann also attributes the Rebels' repeated success to a committed staff and dedicated board of directors who tirelessly operate behind the scenes. 

The coaching staff's relentless dedication and the players' steadfast commitment have forged an unbreakable bond within the Rebels family. 

As Coach Mann puts it, "It starts with the staff and board of directors who put in several hours a week doing all the behind-the-scenes work. The coaching staff is one of the greatest staff I have coached with on any level; these guys give 100% percent all the time, taking time away from their families to give these young men the time and opportunity to succeed at the game of football and have become my family." 

With the playoffs on the horizon, the Rebels are geared up for an electrifying run to D.C. The organization as a whole is definitely thankful to their fans, sponsors, staff, and players for their unwavering support and contributions that have allowed them to have the opportunity to compete locally and in this year's playoffs. This remarkable journey wouldn't be possible, of course, without the GDFL itself, their platform for exposure, excellence, competition, and premier football action on a national level. As they charge forward, the Rebels carry the hopes and cheers of their dedicated fans, eager to etch their name in the annals of GDFL history. See you in D.C. as the Rebels continue march toward glory!