Wenatchee Valley Storm Join GDFL

by Gridiron Media

Wenatchee, Washington-The Gridiron Pro Developmental Football League (GDFL) welcomes the addition of the Wenatchee Valley Storm Pro Developmental Football Team. making them the eighth new member for the 2023 season. 

The Storm will compete in the GDFL Western Impact East Division, which also features teams from Everett Royals (Everett, Washington ) Spokane Wolfpack and the Tacoma Sabers.

Being able to play quality competition so close to Wenatchee and being apart of the # 1 premier league in the country was a driving force behind Storm owners wanting to join the (GDFL).

”We will be playing quality opponents who are within a reasonable footprint of Washington State.We are excited to be joining a league with high standards.

The idea is to come here to play for a National title and try to go through a structured playoff system and reach the top of the mountain, a National Championship, is tough!

 We will be facing the top teams in the country from around the state and region and there are no subpar teams, we look forward to facing strong organizations week in and week out, every game is like a playoff game.

The level of competition will test us every week it won’t easy but we are up for the challenge”,said Coach Kesterson.