TUFA,Texas Colts to Compete for GDFL National Title

by Gridiron Media

Houston, TX-The Gridiron Development Football League (GDFL) is proud to announce that we have added the Texas Colts (2x TUFA Champions) to our 2020 national playoff roster! The Texas Colts celebrates 15 years of existence with a very reputable history behind them. The Texas United Football Association League President Pamela Mitchell announced today that the Texas Colts would be entering the Gridiron Developmental Football League national playoff format along with the entire TUFA for the upcoming 2020 season and beyond.

On Saturday June 15th 2019, two great teams faced off for the TUFA 10th year anniversary league championship. The Texas Colts (11-1) took on the undefeated (12-0) Texas Red Raiders in a classic rematch from the regular season with the Red Raiders winning 30-0. The tables turned in their second meeting as the Colts defeated the Texas Red Raiders 17-12 with a 4th quarter goal line stand from the 1 yard line to seal the deal.To capture the 2019 TUFA Championship. 

The Texas Colts headquarters are based out of Houston, Texas and boast an impressive group of of young men who strive for excellence on and off the field. The Texas Colts Football Organization is an organization that is focused on superior community involvement and provided an avenue that caters to youth, homeless and seniors citizens of greater Houston and beyond. The Texas Colts, will kick-off their upcoming spring season on Feb.22, 2020 with the hopes defending the their 2019 Championship in the Texas United Football Association (TUFA) the Texas Colts are a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), organization.

 “We are excited to add a high-caliber team such as the Texas Colts to our national playoff format. We know entering their sixteenth season the Colts have been consistently a top level organization on the field while also being a model team to emulate off the field”, stated Charles Thompson GDFL. 

With excellent ownership,administration,and coaching over the years,the Colts have made tremendous progress,which is an indicator that this team will look to hoist the GDFL National Championship trophy in the 2020 Gridiron Bowl.


2005: 10-6 (GCFA) *1st Round Playoffs (Inaugural Season)

2006: 12-1 (TUFL) *1st Round Playoffs

2007: 15-2 (TUFL) *Conference Champs; Super Bowl V (Runner- up)

2008: 12-3 (TUFL) *2nd Round Playoffs

2009: 13-3 (TUFL) *Conference Championship

2010: 14-3 (GCFA) *Conference Championship

2011: 13-2 (GCFA) *Conference Championship

2012: 11-3 (TUFA) *Conference Championship

2013: 11-2 (TUFA) *Conference Champs; Super Bowl IV (Runner- up)

                                *Texas State Championship (Runner - ups)

2014: 12-0 (DTFA) *Conference Champs; DTFA Super Bowl I Champs

2015: 15-1 (TUFA) *Conference Champs; Super Bowl VI (Runner- up)

2016: 18-1 (TUFA) *Conference Champs; TUFA Super Bowl VII Champs

                                                    *TUFA Alliance Bowl Champs

                                                  * MLFN National Bowl Game (Runner- up)

2017: 9-2  (TUFA)  *2nd Round Playoffs

2018: 13-1 (TUFA) *Conference Championship

2019: 14-1 (TUFA) *Conference Champs; TUFA Super Bowl X Champs

Overall Record: 192 - 31

86.09 % Winning Record


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We are looking at partnering with national and local area businesses in our pursuit of excellence and commitment to our community. Our commitment, dedication, and vision are set on building a firm foundation for professionalism and quality. 

The Gridiron Developmental Football League continues to strive to provide a quality minor professional level of football throughout the United States and beyond giving area athletes and fans the opportunity be a part of history. Our organization would like to thank you for your support. 

We are excited about the upcoming season and look forward to “Making AN IMPACT” in our Community.Fans can visit our website at www.gdfl.org for upcoming announcements, ticketing info, and player tryouts.

The GDFL Communications Office contributed to this article.