Troy Fighting Irish Join GDFL

by Gridiron Media

Troy, New York-The Gridiron Pro Developmental Football League (GDFL) is pleased to announce that the Troy Fighting Irish have joined the GDFL for the 2023 campaign and beyond. 

Troy’s Fighting Irish is an exciting fourteen year old football franchise with 4 NFA League Championships and 1 National Championship and have been National Bowl contenders for over a decade, located in the City of Troy and is comprised of talented and driven board members, coaches, players, and volunteers dedicated to providing an entertaining community and family oriented experience for the City of Troy and all of the Rensselaer County area.

The Irish are looking to grow as an organization with the hopes of one day becoming a recognizable symbol synonymous with the great things that Troy has to offer its community members.
Team Name - Troy's Fighting Irish

Not-For-Profit Status - IRS 501(c)(4)

Team Colors - Navy Blue/Vegas Gold/Lime Green

Helmet Color - Flat Navy Blue

Facemask Color - Navy Blue

Location - Troy, NY

Date Est. - Fall 2006

Inaugural Season - Summer 2007

Home Field - Lansingburgh High School