The Thunder is Rolling

by Dominic Antonio Durant

Tulsa,Oklahoma-The Oklahoma Thunder, hosted The Crescent City Kings on Saturday, Aug.12, at Catoosa High School. They took the Semi-Final competitors by storm, pulverizing them with a score of 48-0, and it almost seemed as if the Kings had come into the wrong kingdom.

#91, Calvin Barnett, Booker T. Washington High School Grad, OSU Grad, and former NFL player, helped to show The Kings the direction out of Tulsa. In just three quarters, Barnett demolished the offensive line, causing the Kings quarterback a tremendous amount of mental stress, which is evident by the score. Barnett didn’t complete this feat alone. There were 7 other defensive gentlemen, I’d call them “specialists,” who share like attributes with Barnett. One player like Barnett is enough, but when you face a whole line of them, you might as well try another sport.

He gives the credit to Coach Rashid Lowe and his staff for setting high expectations and teaching him the most important parts of the game. It’s evident that fun is a must, even for a star-studded team like this one. Names like Kenneth Sessions, Brandon Sheperd, and Former McClain High School star Prentice Elliott highlight the roster. They all agree, especially #4, Prentice Elliott, that “Brotherhood is a major key to winning.” Being a Booker T. Washington Hornet alum myself, I never got to watch too many games that Prentice Elliott played. Let me be the first to tell you that it’s definitely something to see. (Read More)