Syracuse Outlasts Buffalo in Battle of Attrition

by Gridiron Media

Syracuse,New York-The Strong continued their dominant play getting off to a hot start and never looked back thanks to some suffocating defense and some timely offense.

The co-players of the game from this contest both came on the defensive side of the ball. 

No. 6 defensive back Laleak Hamilton intercepted two passes, with one of them going all the way back to the house for a touchdown:Six tackles and Two tackles for loss.

The other co-player of the game was linebacker Kevin Lockhart who stepped up in the absence of defensive leader EJ Maeweather and delivered a rock star performance:10 tackles and 5 tackles for loss and 1sack.

Syracuse won the game 66-0 but the Wolverines continued to fight to the end It was a valiant effort but all-in-all the Strong was too much to handle! 

The best of the rest:

Rashad Burns (running back) No. 8 1-for-1 as a passer with an 18-yard touchdown,8 carries for 66 yards with two touchdowns on the ground. Two catches for 12 yards and a fourth touchdown.

Shawn Johnson (quarterback) No. 14 17-of-25 for 189 passing yards,Three touchdown passes Five carries for 26 yards with an additional rushing touchdown Although he did fumble twice and lost both of them.

LaQuan ‘LA’ Rouse (wide receiver) No. 7 One reception for 26 yards for a touchdown (highlight-reel catch displaying great body control)

Joshua Thomas (wide receiver) No. 3 Four catches for 35 yards with a touchdown.

John Elliott (wide receiver) No. 15 Six receptions for 83 yards Converted a pair of two-point conversions
Dewayne ‘Flash’ Gordon (savior of the universe) No. 2 Three sacks Four tackles,Three tackles for loss

Curtis Chaplin (defensive end) No. 39 Four tackles Three tackles for loss,Two sacks