Steeldogs hold off Pythons

by Gridiron Media

Two of the top 10 teams collided #7 Starkville SteelDogs and #8 River City Pythons.  Titans  crossing each other paths in week 5 and collided is what they did.  Both teams was close to comparisons on offense and defense fighting for every yards possible, breaking key tackle just to get a first down the struggle was real . Defense is the real story of this game, both side push and push  costing turnovers to their opponent to the last seconds of the game. Starkville SteelDogs Defense storming to the ball  and turning up the tempo putting their team in a position to win but the River City Pythons showed they wasn't leaving without a fight coughing  the SteelDogs quarterback Chris Rogers to Fumble 2 out of 5 time within 2 minutes but the SteelDogs defense showed the Pythons what the  Dogs in SteelDogs really means. 

The very aggressive and hard-hitting Starkville SteelDogs caused  two fumbles of there own within the 2 min. First fumble made within 2 minutes was #40 Cory Cannon  and recover by the linebacker #1 Justin Williams and  second Force fumble was caused with 46 seconds left in the game was caused by #90 Jimmie Williams and recovered by #1 Justin Williams. The Starkville SteelDogs win the game 16-14 over the River City Pythons and leading the way was the defensive line of the Starkville Steeldog  from the start to the end, monsters versus monsters Titans vs Titans. #90 the defensive tackle Jimmie Williams leading the team on defense with an impressive 15  tackles 4 sacks and 3 forced fumbles for the game. #40 Cory Cannon add 7 tackles  a sack and a forced fumble with #52 Kyle Jones  10 tackles a sack. #1 Justin Williams  with a  touchdown and 12 Tackles and a sack with 2 fumble recovery the last one to secure the game.  

The offense made plays but the one player to separate himself from the others and help put his team in a predicament to win when the game was on the line #9 Devonte Fair with 52 yards rushing and 107  receiving The Starkville SteelDogs moves to 4-1 preparing for their next opponent . This upcoming franchise team will be a serious threat as the season continue. Look for the Starkville SteelDogs to become a top playoff contender.