Starkville SteelDogs turn back Outlaws

by Gridiron Media

Starkville,MS-The Starkville SteelDogs Vs Tri-City Outlaws was a matchup the SteelDogs was looking  forward to going into this week.  Both teams about equal going into this game. The Outlaws (4-2) and the SteelDogs(4-1) Goes into battle last Saturday trying to get win number five. The game started fast quarterback #11Chris Roger connecting with wide receiver #18 Jay Nelson with a touchdown. With a aggressive and fast defense backing up Chris Rodger and the offense making it a hard and long night for the Outlaws. 

The Tri-City Outlaws running back was a different maker but the Starkville SteelDogs defense will not let him start going. The Outlaws turn the ball over and #11 Chris Rogers capitalize on their turn over with a touchdown again to #18 Jay Nelson. The trouble would not stop there the fast defense continue to put pressure on the quarterback forcing him to throw the ball before he was ready leading to an interception by defensive back #8 La'vonte Tate with a 47 yards return for a touchdown. Chris Rogers and the  SteelDogs wasn't done yet connecting with La'vonte Tate for a receiving touchdown. The Starkville SteelDogs lead the Outlaws at half 33 - 0. 

The defense continue to attack the ball all through the game forcing the Outlaw quarterback to throw another interception to  defensive back #80 George Peterson but the defense wasn't done yet  forcing The Outlaws quarterback to hurry and throw the ball with great defense and right position outside linebacker #44 Arthur Gillespie catch the interception and ran 23 yards before getting knocked out of Bounce.  Chris Rodger enter back on the field leading the offense and connected wide receiver #3 Oshea Kemp and with running back  #9 DeShawn Fair for his final touchdown of the night.

 Defensive end #40 Cory Cannon  in his night with a forced fumble. The Outlaws wasn't going without a fight forcing a fumble and returning it for a 65 yards touchdown  defensive end #33 Javen Chew for the Outlaws. The Starkville SteelDogs hard work paid off ending the game with a interception by middle linebacker #1 Justin Williams running 25 yards stiff-arming a guy down and almost breaking the last tackle ended the game with a 39-8 victory with Chris Rogers leading the way with five passing touchdown and 337 yards passing 26 yards rushing.

 #18 Jay Nelson end his night with two touchdown. The Starkville SteelDogs defense still haven't allowed a touchdown against them at home the Starkville SteelDogs Will travel to play the Alabama Sabers this Saturday  both (5-1) #3 Vs #4 this is a matchup you don't want to miss . Finally the two Powerhouses meet . Will the surprise Team of the Year the Starkville SteelDogs continue to shock and surprise us against the Alabama Sabers