(CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif.) – In the nearly 10 years since founder and Hall of Fame football coach J David Miller humbly promised to provide a ‘lifeline of hope’ for every child in the Coachella Valley, the faith-based Socal Coyotes leadership organization has been selected by State Senator Melissa Melendez as the ‘2021 Nonprofit of the Year’ for the 28th District.

The Coyotes were selected by Senator Melendez as the 28th District ‘2021 Nonprofit of the Year’

“We congratulate and thank the Coyotes for their amazing work with youth,” says Senator Melendez, a U.S. Navy and Gulf War veteran. “Through ‘faith, family and football,’ the Coyotes, work should rightfully be celebrated.”

With more than 40,000 non-profits to choose from – in a district that spans the eastern portion of Riverside County to the Southern Inland Empire – Senator Melendez validated the Coyotes inspirational rise from a bootstrap AAA football platform to a full-service non-profit agency that is not only changing hearts, but also saving lives.

“The Coyotes place special emphasis on nurturing at-risk, underprivileged, minority and displaced children, and provide a flight path for students throughout our Coachella Valley classrooms,” says Glenn Miller, District Director, and Indio Councilmember.

In June, the Socal Coyotes, along with other district Nonprofits of the Year, will be celebrated on the floor of the State Assembly in Sacramento, as well as an ensuing luncheon.

Joining Coyote executive staff will be a few of their star pupils from underserved communities who have been mentored by the organization.

Nearly 800 prospects have matured through the Coyote program – alumni include defensive back Jeremy Lane, who won Super Bowl XLVIII with the Seattle Seahawks

“The Coyotes definitely changed my life,” says Rashad Roberts, who entered the program as a football prospect in 2012. Today Roberts holds 16 franchise records, is gainfully employed, married, and a father of three. “This organization instilled in me the life skills I needed to be a better father, better husband, better man, better friend.”

Coach Miller says the Senator’s recognition is “reflective of the extraordinary quality of each of our Coyote programs, each one managed by our talented, dedicated staff of compassionate professionals.”

The SoCal Coyotes organization reshapes lives, homes and communities by Building Champions, Building Men™. It ‘Defends the Shield™’ through year-round ‘Faith, Family, Football™’ leadership programs, community service and sports initiatives that develop aspiring football athletes; educate, equip and inspire at-risk youth; nurture single fathers and father figures; extol the virtues of family values, positive fathering and family legacy; mentor young men into trusted corporate citizens with employment opportunities and sustainable incomes; and empower future generations throughout the Coachella Valley.

“The Coyotes are cultivating leadership in underserved populations, laying out sustainable educational and vocational opportunities, and filling holes that contribute to the overall health of our community,” says former four-term Indio Mayor Michael H. Wilson, now Chief of Staff for Coachella Sports & Entertainment Stadium Authority (CSESA).Read More


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