Sabers face an uphill battle versus the Warriors Saturday

by Gridiron Media

Tacoma,Washington-Sabers are coming off a 2 game losing streak and will face an uphill battle, the biggest issue for the Sabers is do they have enough man power to beat the Washington Warriors this weekend?

Sabers winning their division should give them a boost of confidence but will that boost be good enough to land a victory against the Warriors this Saturday and can it carry over to the first round of playoffs. 

Sabers have lost some key players and makes a huge difference the question of the day, can RB Stefan juice Branham of the Sabers carry his team to a major victory over the #4 Nationally ranked Washington Warriors will see on Saturday.

Warriors are coming off a bye and on a 6 game winning streak. Can the warriors offense shut the Sabers out or will it be a close game.The Washington Warriors are a very talented team, very powerful  and a lot of vets. Head Coach Tutu Tamaalevea wasn’t playing when he said,”it’s time to recruit”and he did just that!

The Washington Warriors have added some quality athletes over last few weeks and are preparing to make a deep run into the GDFL National playoffs! “It’s a different world on the other side of that wall I been there and I never take any team lightly and I want take the Sabers lightly ”,said Tutu Tamaalevea.