RoadRunners Run Away from Saints

by GDFL Media

Prescott,Arizona-In the midst of clouds and spurts of rain, the Arizona Roadrunners and Las Vegas Saints took Ken Lindley Field in Prescott, Arizona on July 16. The Las Vegas Saints where over matched but played valiantly. 

The Roadrunners scored on every possession they had in the game under full control from beginning to end with a winning score of 63-0.

 The Roadrunners defense were impenetrable,and were successful in keeping no points on the board for the Saints. While the Saints successfully had a couple first downs throughout the game, they were never in scoring position. 

Kordell Provchy, the Roadrunners quarterback, led his offense to 9 touchdowns. Roadrunners fans were loud and boisterous for their home team and cheered the men through their entire victory.

Next Saturday, July 23, the Arizona Roadrunners will have their next game at home in Prescott Arizona at 6:15 against the Spokane Wolf Pack.

The Roadrunners hope for more and more fans to show up on their sideline and keep them energized during these last few games before playoffs.