Arizona Roadrunner’s head to Vegas

by Gridiron Media

Las Vegas,NV-On the road again…Roadrunners can’t wait to get on the road again! It’s in the name. Roadrunners love being on the road where we are faster and deep in the action.  Heading to Las Vegas to play the Saints, the Arizona Roadrunners are starting to get all their pieces back.

Due to other league games still in progress, many of our players were unavailable for traveling to our first showing in Salt Lake with the Senate who were ranked 9th nationally at the time.  “We had a lot of guys having to play both ways during that game. Unfortunately, this led to several injuries, forcing us to shuffle players and get creative,” said Gary Mason, the team’s Defensive Line Coach.  

Gary also suffered a fractured leg during the game when a play went deep into the sideline. With the week in between games, the Roadrunners have been able to rest and refocus on their next game in Las Vegas against the Saints. Getting back a few key players that were not in available in Salt Lake. 

“We are happy to hear we that are ranked 8th in the nation, but I only coach one game at a time”, said Head Coach Ricky Herrera.  “I never overlook any opponent!” This mindset may come from Herrera’s background as a MMA Fighter.  The coaching staff is very excited with the progress the team is making and will be looking forward to shooting up in the rankings after this week’s match up.  

Defensive Coordinator Rich Britt says, “The defense is still missing one or two of their players, but guarantee 0 points will be put up on them this week versus Las Vegas.” The Roadrunner’s 1st Inaugural Home Game is scheduled for June 18th @ Ken Lindley Field in Prescott, AZ where they will host the Salt Lake Senate. Our team President, Matt Mason, spoke to us saying,” The Senate just won 44-0 last week. I’d say we’ll be seeing a better team when they come to us. 

I know the drive of their organization and they won’t settle for anything less than winning. With that being said… Beep, Beep!”