Raiders hit with whiteout conditions in Oklahoma


The intense spring blizzard that has pounded the GRIDIRON DEVELOPMENTAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE FOR 3 NATIONAL TITLES CONTINUES TO WRECK HAVOC FOR A 4TH SEASON, ON MAY 4TH IT took a deadly turn as it unleashed whiteout conditions WITH ROARING THUNDER and howling winds across the region, With a devastating 66 TO 0 TROUNCING OVER THE TEXAS RAIDERS!!!

Tulsa,OK-Last weeks sports almanac forcasted a three touchdown win. Football fans always forecast a throw-down when Oklahoma & Texas football teams meet. And "gridiron-clades"  from all across the grid have long anticipated the landing of the Raiders from Texas.

First of all, hats-off to the Texas program for even have the audacity to begin their GDFL era facing off against the 3x defending national champion. The Raiders bring a host of organizational elegance to the league and unlimited franchise potential.

 Hats-off for the fluent teamwork that was exercised from the team and franchise owners just to get out of Houston and to travel to Tulsa. When no other football team in Texas had the iron to step into the grid, they did. 

Awaiting patiently for their arrival in Tulsa, was host team, OKLAHOMA THUNDER. Riding the current of three straight national football titles and several more titles to precede that. Featuring a bus load of "Power-5 Alumni," the Thunder rattled their way onto the memories of the Raiders from Texas while embedding a storm they might not ever forget.

The GDFL Almanac fore-warned of "returning to Texas like a tornado hit it." The Thunder began the game like most storms, quient. Quientness usually preceds the storm. The Thunder began this storm rushing for a one-yard first quarter touchdown. A few minutes later they threw for a 46-yard TD. Followed by a 30-TD reception. 

Before halftime, the Thunder would also rush for 1-yard & 3-yard touchdowns. Complete a 12-yard TD reception while lighting their way into the end-zone from a 48-yard interception TD return. By halftime, the Thunder had decided the next president. The score was 46-0.

By the time the sirens turned down, the Thunder has passed for 228 yards on 20 attempts. Rushed for 108 yards while totalling a 336 yard offensive experience. The Raiders had 58 total yards, 26 passing and 36 rushing.

The Thunder would close the game rushing for a 3-yard TD in the 3Q and a 13 rushing TD in the 4Q. They would cap it off with a 58-yard 4Q interception that was also returned for a TD.

When the storm clouds ceased, the final score was 66-0. The Thunder (1-0) host the Memphis Blast on May 18th while the Raiders travel to Hunstville, Alabama to dock the Rockets.