Playoffs:Take 2 Arizona vs California in National Playoffs

by Gridiron

Prescott,Arizona-With the first round of the playoffs going in the favor of the Arizona Roadrunners with their 3rd matchup versus the Salt Lake Senate ending 27-20.  The Arizona Roadrunners look forward to their rematch this Saturday playing The #1 team in the nation the Inglewood Blackhawks again after first matchup left the roadrunners with their only loss of the season 44-34.  “We still think about that game!  We had too many turnovers to beat a team like the Blackhawks.  We gotta protect the ball and limit big plays and it’s a different turn out”. Said OC Robert Jones about the previous match-up against Inglewood.  

As the roadrunners have been all year they find themselves on the road “Going Back to Cali” as they played after the victory against Salt Lake will be the moto for the Roadrunners this game as they look to head into California and play some great football.  

“This is the reason why we joined the GDFL, we wanted to be able to play the best and compete with the best. That’s why we look forward to playing the Inglewood Blackhawks.  We want the competition(the heat), if you want to be the best you have to beat the best.  And right now they are standing in our way.  We will bring our soldiers and they will bring theirs and we will see Saturday who’s the best team in the Nation” said team President Matthew Mason.  

The undefeated Inglewood Blackhawks were the only team to beat the Arizona Roadrunners this season so far, let’s see how this game goes!!  # BeepBeep