Playoff Recap:Predators Derail Express in Round 1

by Gridiron Media

Erie,Pennsylvania-Saturdays showdown was an absolute nail biter and defensive game from the 1st quarter to the final whistle.

 Game would get its first score from a 15 yard reception from a diving Sammy Diaz. Billy Joiner was pressured all night from Eries impressive upfront but found ways to find magic making guys miss and finding receivers after extending plays. Score would be 6-0 after missing a XFG. For 2 quarters score would be 6-0 until Erie answers back after a Botched punt attempt that would land the Erie offense inside the redzone where they’d eventually score going up 1 point 7-6.

This game would be an absolute defensive game for the rest of the game until 4th quarter where Billy Joiner throws a fade ball to the left corner of the endzone to the leagues reception and yard leader Eddie Jackson III. When the ball went up Jackson beat the defensive back for what would be game winning TD. 

“We got in the huddle and I knew the game was on the line. The best players live for moments like this so I looked at Billy and he said trust me , throw me the ball in the corner and I’m going to go get it. That’s exactly what he did and we’re going home winners.” - Eddie Jackson III - WR

Erie would have 1 more chance at a score where a receiver scampers free scores but on a controversial crack back call the TD was called back thus ending the game as a Predator win 14-7  Final.

“Big players make big plays in big games and that’s what Shia Patton the rookie DE/OLB did causing havoc in the backfield all game if he wasn’t hitting the QB , the RB hated him. We had a ton of big players this game but the 2 that stood out were Shia and Eddie reason they earned co player of the game honors.”  - Damon Glasgow - HC