Pasadena Football Team Join GDFL

by Gridiron Media

Pasadena,California – The Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL) is proud to announce the addition and partnership of the league's newest team based in the city of Pasadena,California.

"The Pasadena Football team, took a page out of the NFL’s Washington Football team playbook and are not using a logo other the using a P to identify their organization and are excited to call the GDFL home. 

With a tradition of high-quality football, great regional rivalries and sound business model,the GDFL presents a terrific opportunity for the,"said Majority Owner Andrew Benn."

Pasadena Football team puts an emphasis on hard work. We are playing in the #1 professional development league in the country the GDFL. Our city, Pasadena deserve to have a true pro level football franchise that fans can get excited about. 

With our team being the only national team in our city, We are gearing up to put out the best product in the country.“the city Pasadena has done an excellent job in coming together to support us, the organization and the players,”Benn said.