Orchard Park Ducks join GDFL

by Charles Thompson

Buffalo,NY-- The Gridiron Pro Developmental Football League (GDFL) is pleased to announce that the Orchard Park Ducks will be the 9th newest members in joining the GDFL for the 2023 campaign and beyond.

The Orchard Park Ducks are located in western New York which is located in the great city of Buffalo,New York, the second most populous city in the state of New York, after New York City.

Orchard Park Ducks are poised to compete in the Gridiron Pro Developmental Football League for the upcoming 2023 season and beyond. The Ducks are extremely excited to showcase their talent and hard work already being achieved.

"We are excited for the coaches, players and owners in the GDFL Xtreme Conference and the fans who have embraced the team and look forward to another great addition to the GDFL",said President Charles Thompson.

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