New Kids Bulldawgs Look for Fast Start in GDFL

by By McKinley Young Jr.

NASHVILLE- The Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs, in their inaugural 2017 season

won two championships in different leagues and were invited to a national championship game in Florida. Last week, they won the first Tennessee Football Alliance championship. Now, they turn their attention to the Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL), one of the top minor league football associations in the country.
“We have heard the chatter and read what people are saying about us,” said Bulldawg linebacker Mychal Hendricks. “Around the country they are saying we only have played local teams and struggled against others. Playing in the GDFL will kill all of that talk. We are ready for the challenge.”
Hendricks knows how grueling the GDFL can be. He played in all three seasons that the Nashville Storm participated in it. In 2015, he helped his team win the GDFL championship. The following year, they fell to the Oklahoma Thunder. For some Bulldawgs that played in that game, it still is a form of motivation.
“I will never forget that game,” said wide receiver Zach Ducker. “I missed over a year with a neck injury and that was my first game back. The GDFL has top competition. It is cool that we have enjoyed success. To me that means nothing if we aren’t on top in this league.” (Read More)