Kings/Steeldogs Review

by Gridiron Media

With a 14-0 shutout, the Crescent City Kings evened their record to 1-1. Defense carried the day as that unit snuffed of Starkville’s offense. While the pass rush emerged once again, the technical tackling caught attention. Whenever Starkville managed to glimpse at daylight, the Kings’ defense quickly snuffed it out.


Kings’ DL Josh Keelen continues to impress. Keelen’s hand placement and leg drive stands up lineman and collapses the pocket. Where Keelen improved is block shedding. Whereas he’d use brute force continuously, now nuance exists. His hands appear quicker and more decisive.

Jeremy Roberts operates more effectively out of either the pistol or shotgun. The rush creates running lanes. Roberts skillfully finds daylight and bolts upfield. However, his mechanics must frustrate staff. He doesn’t use his entire body on deep throws. In addition, he deep throws sail. With that said, lower body force generates velocity. With receivers running free, these adjustments could score points.

Although the option is an intriguing play call, there needs to be a better sell. Meaning, when the quarterback fakes the pitch, his arm needs to extend further away from his body. As a result, this gives the illusion of a pitch. Defense will play honest and not key on the quarterback.

Since the Kings entered the GDFL, strong offensive line play is a calling card. This year serves as no exception. The linemen finish their blocks with ferocity and urgency. When the heat truly arrives in Louisiana, look for the Kings to win by grinding opponents into dust.

The Steeldogs WR flashed the ability to create separation on combo routes. The Crescent City secondary must watch this trend as teams will observe a pattern and try to exploit it.

However, the secondary saved two possible touchdowns by hustling down the field. Surrendering a long play is one thing, but recovering to thwart a score shows heart. Defensive Coordinator Jason Allen teaches dedication to every play.

Upcoming: The Marvel City Tigers will arrive in New Orleans featuring one of the GDFL’S best quarterbacks. Carl Davis brings a quick release, confidence and uncanny toughness in the pocket. The Tigers’ offense provides the Kings’ pass rush their toughest task to this point.