Kings knock-off #2 Sabers

by Kings Media

New Orleans, LA-In front of a home crowd, the Crescent City Kings defeated the Alabama Sabers, 21-14. Led by QB Jyron Walters and buttressed by a stout defense, Crescent City grounded the prolific Sabers. By utilizing a pounding running game and timely throws, New Orleans’ favorite sons climbed to 3-1.

The Good:

  • The more QB Jyron Walters appears on film, there seems to be something more to like. This time, Walters’ delivery stood out. Aesthetically, a downhill thrower is quite the sight. Functionally, over-the-top motions prevent batted balls.
  • Seeing the various offensive formations this early in the season means that opposing coaches will have sleepless nights. Spreading teams out, only to use the ground game opens up the seams.
  • Granted, Crescent City always played with fire. This year feels different. For example, while cleaning up a screen, the linebacker whacks the ball carrier after surfing through the wash. Those plays become turnovers later in the season.
  • The Kings offensive line continues to improve. Their blocks feature leverage and snap to them, not just big men shoving much smaller ones.
  • Once again, the Kings applied constant pressure. Sabers’ QB Tre Armstrong is a talented passer and needs to have visitors.

The Bad

  • While kick coverage is not a glamorous job, it remains vital to the success of any team. Too many times, the Kings lacked lane integrity. By freelancing, that allows cutbacks and walls of blockers to form.
  • Screens kept the Sabers in the game. Alabama used a few variations. The Kings players need to quickly identify this trend. Awareness must improve quickly.
  • Film does not lie. Honestly, a couple of the wide receiver routes looked rounded. Rounding routes throws off timing. As a result, incompletions and interceptions will increase.
  • Angles of pursuit need to be consistently good. To sharp, the ball carrier beats the defender. If they are too wide, the ball carrier gains extra yards. Striking a balance here can cut opponent possessions down.
  • Up Next: The Kings travel to Arkansas to face the Nightmare. With a win, the Kings look to stay close with the Starkville Steeldogs.