Kings prevail over shorthanded Roadwarriors

by Gridiron Media

New Orleans, LA – For New Orleans residents Saturday, August 5, 2017, will be characterized by the street-wide flooding experienced throughout the metro area of the city. For the Roadwarriors, road delays and rain delays robbed them of a chance at GDFL glory. While the city of New Orleans rebounded from unexpected flooding and gridlock on the cities boulevards and avenues, the North Mississippi Roadwarriors endured unexpected road calamities of their own. 

The pop-up rain storm that invaded the Crescent City delayed kick-off for more than 45 minutes while team and league officials discussed inclement weather protocols.  With some of their players stranded the present Roadwarriors battled the Kings early. The first quarter was a stalemate ending with a 0-0 score as the teams jostled for control. The scoring began midway thru the 2nd quarter with the Kings landing a touchdown strike in the south end zone. 

The ensuing kickoff was kicked out of bounds, by a Roadwarrior player, resulting in a safety. Quarterback Jyron Walters continued to dazzle in the 2nd quarter tossing another TD strike to Lejune Moy for a 17-0 lead.  Not willing to fold, the Roadwarriors returned the next kick-off for a 95-yard touchdown bringing the score to 17-8 with 3 minutes remaining in the half. Walters guided the Kings and another steady drive and a Jeffery Hampton field goal closed out the first half scoring. In the 2nd half, the Kings took advantage of their numbers and continued to pressure the Roadwarriors into mistakes and eventually wore their opponents down. Points came quickly from both the offense and the defense.  

The Roadwarriors are sure to be stinging from this night, not because they lost, but because of how they lost. The 40-8 score will be recorded and remembered but the reasons behind it will be debated for time to come. Regardless, the Kings are headed back to Tulsa, Oklahoma and their focus must be there if there are to continue this march to Gridiron Bowl 8. (Click to view playoff bracket)