Spokane Wolfpack into the GDFL 2023

by Gridiron Media

Spokane, Washington – The Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL) is proud to announce the addition and partnership of the league's newest team based in the city of Spokane,Washington for the 2023 season.

"The  Spokane Wolfpack  is pleased to be joining the GDFL as its newest member. With a tradition of high-quality football, great regional rivalries and sound business model, the GDFL presents a terrific opportunity for the for the Wolfpack ," said Demetrius Palmer-Majority Owner 

This is the thirteenth season as an organization, but we expect the best competition there is. We feel as an organization, starting our team with the GDFL is the best move for our franchise.

Our location around the Spokane Washington area has been hungry for a high level of football for a long time. The Wolfpack are proud to bring the surrounding area a big time football environment and we hope that our fans can get behind every home game this Summer.

The GDFL is a pro developmental league, providing a platform for athletes who look to get opportunities from the NFL, CFL,International and Arena.

“We wish the Spokane  the best of luck on their 2023 season and beyond,”said Charles Thompson GDFL President.