In Town Rivalry Part Two

by GDFL Media

Rochester,New York-Two in town teams battle it out again in the 2024 season. Both teams have been around for the same amount of years. And it’s been a constant battle. From on the field to recruiting. 

Both teams will square off for the second time this year. The colonials fell to the predators 60-0. 

With both rosters restructured. And colonials losing players to the predators this game will definitely be a battle.

Colonials have hit a bit of a rough patch but have a group that hasn’t given up and is constantly fighting. The upstate predators are undefeated at the moment at 4-0. Predators had a game of the week game that was called due to weather vs the Syracuse strong with the preds leading 8-0 start of the 3rd quarter. Your colonials are coming off a bye. With last week bye it has given the colonials a chance to practice and work on things a little more. 

This game will be played in Rochester,NY. Predators will be hosting the Colonials. 

For the first time this season the colonials will be wearing their red on red uniform combo!