Gridiron Bowl XIII - This is What It’s About!

by Gridiron Media

Syracuse, NY - What does it mean to compete for the highest honor in the GDFL?

For the many players from around the country who deserve a platform to continue to demonstrate to all, what they’re made of, the GDFL gives that opportunity.

With teams stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the GDFL Pro Football League is the only league that can in fact  qualify itself as “national”.

In only it’s second season in the league, the Syracuse Strong has earned the right to compete for the GDFL National Championship.

I asked a couple of All Pro GDFL players from the Syracuse Strong, what does it mean to play in the GDFL and to have a chance to compete for the championship.

All Pro Running Back and two time  (back-2-back) GDFL Rushing Champion, Rashad Burns:

“Honestly, making it to the GDFL championship was always the goal and the mission!! Being that we got here feels very natural!! Its always business thats my mindset each game is a business trip. This Championship game is well deserved for both teams respectfully.

 I feel that we will bring a different feel when they match up against us!! Certainly wont be an easy game, but whoever makes the least mistakes and whomever is more discipline will be rewarded with the victory!! 

We’re here for the win !!! Hands down!”

All Pro Wide Receiver, Joshua Thomas: 

“My thoughts are the job is not finished. I’m excited yeah truly, but the mission has to be accomplished before the celebration; getting ahead of ourself is not me. I just play. We been through so much as a team, ups and downs; players leaving, doubting other people and thinking their departure meant something. It feels good to show that Syracuse has the  talent to compete nationally. But all and all, the job is not finished.”

It’s an honor to be a member of the GDFL. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to compete for a national championship. It’s an honor to face a team as talented as the Inglewood Blackhawks.

That said… on.

#CuseStrong #StayReady