Here's a glance at the GDFL Top 10 teams preseason picks. GDFL ranking gives us a preview of where teams start as we head toward the future -- 'in a few months, the GDFL 2017 season cranks up. There has been new teams added and a few teams removed players are team-hopping,retiring and moving on.Then there's some teams who are rebuilding and others that are reloading, we'll address the outlook. But here's where they stand at this moment in time, with the 2016 campaign fresh in the rearview and all the offseason movement on the horizon.Standby as we breakdown the GDFL TOP 10.....

This is a true rankings based off 2016 body of work!!!!

#1 Oklahoma Thunder

* National Champions 2016, Conference Champions,Division Winners

The Oklahoma Thunder will try to capture their third Gridiron Bowl National Championship in 2017. With an abundance of talent at their disposal they have as good of a shot as any team. The thunder boast an always sound defense and an offense featuring high-flying acrobatics. Top tier quarterback Brandon Noohi is a question mark to return leaving a gaping hole at the quarterback position. 

This could be a rebuilding year for the Thunder but with receivers returning like  2x MVP Prentiss Elliott's & Brandon Shepard they will still be very tough to beat.

#2 Nashville Storm

* 2016 League Runner up, Conference Champions,Division Winners

The Nashville Storm is undergoing a major overhaul, many players have either retired or have moved on after the heartbreaking loss in Oklahoma. The Storm were unable to pull off the repeat, but they can never be counted out. Head coach Charles Hunter will have to hit the recruiting trail hard and he has a lot of pieces to replace in a short amount of time,  Nashville has traditionally been a powerhouse,so they still could come out the gate running and ready to compete for a National Title.  

#3 Memphis Blast

* Division Winners, Runner up for Conference Championship, loss to number the 1 team

 There’s no question that the Blast have the best talent in the league. This was true last season as well however, they were unable to win the league. The expectation is that the Blast will be much improved on offense , particularly at quarterback with Nathan Hawkins, the frontrunner to lead them in 2017, he is looking very strong in camp. The defense lost an abundance of talent from last year's squad and that talent will need to be replaced.

 The line should be okay, but there are questions at linebacker and in the secondary. Don't sleep on the Blast.They have added a lot of young talent and will be a team to watch as a contender for a National Title.

#4 Georgia Crush

* Division Winners, Runner up for Conference Championship, lose to number the 2 team

Carzelle Singleton has a very good quarterback in GDFL MVP Candidate Marcus Brooks. He also has arguably the most underrated receiver in the country, Kenny Jordan and a running back tandem of Eric Williams and Danny Hite at his disposal. The core of solid offensive athletes is bolstered by a massive veteran offensive line.The Crush as a unit are expected to score a lot of points this summer.

#5 Missouri Valley Pitbulls

*Division Winners, 2nd round playoffs lose to number 3 team

Missouri Valley Pitbulls quarterback Arlando Bailey could be primed for a huge season, but he has to make sure he protects the football. Much of last season's Pitbulls team returns, and the defensive unit should be nasty,Tyrelle Henley DE/DT and Tashon Latimore DE and DE Kevin Latimore lead what should be a solid defensive line. But can the Pitbulls keep their heads above water in this league, especially with in-state rival Missouri Cyclones on the rise?

 If the Pitbulls get instant production from their top players Reon Little & Chris Jones with newly signed Lamar Reed formerly of the Midwest Chargers & Joe Otey of the University of Missouri look out.

#6 Marvel City Tigers

*Division Winners, 2nd round playoffs lose to number 4

The Marvel City Tigers will try to win their third GDFL Division Championship 15, 16 and they have as good of a shot as any team to make a deep playoff run and become a National Championship Contender because of an always sound defense and an offense that features a top tier quarterback in Carl Davis who is set to return for a 2017 Season. 

However this could be a rebuilding year for the Tigers; Replacing key players on both sides of the ball to other Professional Leagues could have a negative impact or it could show case their front office hard work and efforts to recruit and bring in elite talent.

#7 Crescent City Kings

*2nd Rd playoff loss to the number 1 team

The Crescent City Kings look to reclaim the Impact South division in 2017. After a second round playoff exit in 2016, the Kings are positioned for a dramatic bounce-back season. They will do so with returning starters Shaun Jones (OLB), Steward Joseph (OLB), and Kenneth Dabney leading a new wave of Kings into the very bright future.

#8 Lee County Ticats

*1st Rd playoff loss to the number 3 team

The Lee County Ti-cats stock has skyrocketed since their impressive inaugural season. The Ti-cats collected a number of impressive victories before a first round playoff loss ended a promising season. With added experience and more talent the Ti-cats are ready to pounce on the GDFL's elite competition.

#9 East Alabama Predators

*1st Rd playoff loss to the number 4 team

East Alabama Predators have done a good job staying under the radar. Head coach Harry Mose has done a great job rebuilding the Predators as a top tier team. While Georgia Crush remains the perennial favorite to win the division, Predators could be the team to overthrow the Crush.An experienced offensive line returns to provide plenty of protection to whoever may start at quarterback.

Defensively, the Predators are stacked and should have one of the better units in the Xtreme conference.The Achilles heel to the Predator’s defense was giving up the big play; the Predators gave up several big plays,But with the amount of experience the defense has returning, that number should go down.

#10 Georgia Knights

*Division Winners, 1st Rd playoff loss to the number 8 team

 Georgia Knights enters the season as a legitimate playoff contender and has a chance to win the Xtreme West Division. Last season, the Knights finished at .500, which is considered a step forward after having back to back losing seasons. Coach Waters is looking forward to this season and expects to get a boost in recruiting something that he didn’t have in previous years. After a first round playoff exit in 2016, the Knights are ready to prove that they belong in the top league in the country.

 Although Chattanooga Eagles, and Huntsville Rockets present tough roadblocks, Georgia Knights could realistically come away with at least two wins in that gambit, which could push the Knights to their second straight winning season.


#8 Georgia Chargers (Ceased Operations)

*2nd Rd playoff loss to the number 2 team

#11 Lee County Ticats (moved to #8)

*1st Rd playoff loss to the number 3 team

#9 Bayou Vipers (No longer League Affiliated)

*Division Winners, 1st Rd playoff loss to the number 7 team

#12 East Alabama Predators (moved to #9)

*1st Rd playoff loss to the number 4 team