GDFL Teams Unite to Make Run at GDFL Championship


The Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs and Clarksville Outlaws join forces.

NASHVILLE- Middle Tennessee Bulldawg owner Ricky Prochaska and longtime Clarksville Outlaw owner Derrick (Dee) Bracy announced that they will be combining their two teams this season. The new name is the Tennessee United. Last season, both teams made the playoffs and were defeated by three-time Gridiron Developmental Football League champion the Oklahoma Thunder. The combination has a two-fold approach. To finally have unity with teams in the Middle Tennessee area and to try to get a GDFL championship.

“We combined a team in January and went to play in Dallas and played two games at AT&T Stadium and was very successful,” said Prochaska. “Dee and I have worked together the past couple of years and thought we should bring all the guys together on one team. Clarksville has a lot of talent and so do we. This will also give us an opportunity to sign some guys that live in the South Kentucky area. We plan to have the best of the best to bring unity back to our area.”

Prochaska and Bracy will be the co-owners of the team. Bracy still is a formidable defensive lineman, so he may be on the roster. Even though the name is new, there will still be some familiar names to GDFL fans. Romeo Gilbert, Randall Smith, Keon Bohannon, Chris Murray and Mychal Hendricks will be headlining the team. Another familiar name, the Nashville area’s winningest coach Charles Hunter will be the head coach and will be running the offense.

“Hunter brings needed discipline back to what we are doing,” said Gilbert. “He is a no-nonsense coach that has the respect of the players. You don’t practice, then you don’t play. He can care less if you are the best player on the team or the worse. The competition in practice will be amazing. We still have a bad taste in our mouths losing to the Thunder again. They are the benchmark no doubt. This summer will be fun.”

The United will open the season on the road with a very tough Huntsville Rocket team. The Thunder is also on the regular season schedule and will be one of the showcase games of the GDFL season.