by GDFL Media

Rochester,New York-Round 2 or well 1.5 because we only just got to see these 2 gladiators battle for a half before the rain / thunder / lightning triplets reared their ugly heads just a short few weeks ago. Shortly before half the game would be called for safety to the fans and players. Predators up 8-0 seems unfinished business will be lead to this game overall.

Whats at stake the Division title and loser travels to DC in the first round of the GDFL playoffs! 

Syracuse Strong (5-0 will be heading into Rochester for the first time in 3 years , led by newly acquired quarterback Jason Williams who right now is ranked in the top 5 QB’s in the league. Looking to stun the UpState Predators (5-0) at home.

Predators led by QB Billy Joiner are heading into this home game on a mission. FINISH THE GAME. This game will kickoff at 5 pm downtown at the best facility in Rochester as one of its only Professional stadiums in the city. Rochester Sports complex which has hosted numbers and numbers of high scale events why not return and return for one of the biggest games of the year ? Let’s battle !!!

Tickets $10 - 12 and under free … over 55 free ! 

460 Oak Street Rochester Community Sports Complex Rochester;New York 14608