GDFL Preview: #3 Seahawks vs #7 Stampede


Buffalo, NY-Get ready for a showdown in Buffalo! The undefeated Seahawks are on a mission to cement their place in the playoffs, led by the Bryan Brooks and Dominic Harden . Meanwhile, the Stampede, inspired by Dejean McCullough and Devon Grant, are eager to prove themselves at home. This battle will be a true test of strength and character, but with the Seahawks' strong belief in their ability to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness, they're ready to take on whatever comes their way!

For Seahawks Head Coach James Crowell this will be a homecoming of sort for him. A native of New York he grew up between Bronx, NY and Buffalo, NY. Crowell says, Buffalo, NY holds a special place in my heart and taught me how to be resilient. Buffalonians have a grit and grim to them and they never give up, this game will test my Seahawks heart and character because the Stampede will play us with everything they got for all 4 quarters.