Just when everything looked like it was falling nicely into place, Week 6 came along and changed all expectations. The Thunder will not go undefeated in 2019 !

The Outlaws are officially back from their mid-season weather break, the Rockets still have a chip on their shoulders as they knocked off the Crush and secured a playoff spot and are looking to be crowned south division champs. River City is here to spice up the final two weeks led by backup quarterback Carl Davis.

 Meanwhile, Middle Tennessee is playing some of the best football in the league, as they are clicking in all three phases of the game.  

Let’s look at how the “power” rankings break down this week!

1. Erie Express (7-0)

This week we have a new number one. The Erie Express are playing top level ball and it’s a perfect time for the squad to hit its groove with just couple weeks before the playoffs. This weekend’s impressive win over Cleveland showed that the Express have what it takes to make some major noise in the playoffs.

 Express are now riding a seven-game win streak along with clinching the Xtreme North Division crown and a playoff berth. With offensive star Brandon Hanna and league sack leader Charlie Hamilton, this team is dangerous, and they proved that for the last 7 weeks.

2.Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs  (6-0)

Middle Tennessee really could have been number one as well,but the Express beating a solid Cobras team and already having a full game lead gave the Erie the push to take the top spot. However, don’t let this ranking fool you, the Bulldawgs is playing some of the best football in the league, period.

 Last weekend they put together a solid performance with the offense being productive, the defense getting takeaways and even special teams did their part. On offense Eric Chapa has been great and he has a solid receiving core featuring Corvon Booker, and solid contributors Tyran Moore and Rayvion Wade. 

The defense plays fast and is aggressive after the ball. The Bulldawgs lead the league in points allowed (25) and ranks fourth on offensive scoring (154). You don’t want to play this team right now.

3. Oklahoma Thunder (5-1)

While the Thunder are still arguably the best team in the league, they have looked “beatable” . After starting the season a dominant 5-0, many asked would this team run the table to an undefeated season. However, they lost their star quarterback Brandon Noohi a few weeks ago, so the last couple of weeks have been a little tougher than expected, including a loss and two hard fought victories where both games where tight in the first half. 

This last week they fell a little behind and the defense just couldn’t slow down the high-powered offense of the Bulldawgs and potentially mount a comeback. Even though they had a setback they still have several pieces of a championship team are still there: Prentiss Elliot , Shawn Williams and Joe Means just to name a few.

 The Thunder will hopefully get back on track as they prepare for the Joplin Crusaders this weekend and get a much needed bye week next week to get its mojo back just in time for preparation for the playoffs and possibly a 4th run at a National Championship. 

4. Huntsville Rockets (5-1)

The Huntsville Rockets offense has been stellar scoring 267 points,and the defense created some big turnovers to blow games wide open. Credit coach Nicholas Benjamin following a disappointing performance against the Thunder in week 4 for getting his team refocused and ready to play last weekend against the Georgia Crush. 

The Rockets will continue their push for the playoffs in this weekend’s as they match-up against the Pythons, which should be an awesome game as both are playing arguably their best football all season.The Rockets remember the disappointment in the playoffs last year and are determined to not let it happen again as the will try to capture the Impact South Division crown.

5. River City Pythons  (4-2)

River City Pythons has been playing very well in recent weeks and even played well most of the game against the Rockets  too. But the offense struggled mightily when they ran into a wall against the Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs , that including two turnovers by QB Joshua Smith. Add in that Eric Chapa had the Bulldawgs offense running the best it had all season and suddenly, the game became a blowout.

 The Pythons shouldn't panic yet as they are still in a good spot to make the playoffs, but they must tighten up these next few weeks or they will find themselves possibly sitting this postseason out.They take on the #4 Huntsville Rockets tonight for the GDFL Impact South Division Championship. This Saturday July 6th at Goldsmith Schiffman Park and will finish up the regular season against the #2 Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs July 13th at home.

6. Tri City Outlaws (4-2)

Once again, this Outlaws squad is showing a lot of promise in the first half of the season but mother nature has not been on their side in 2019 causing multiple games to be moved and this is effecting their morale and could possibly play a major role versus the #2 Bulldawgs this weekend. 

Mistakes and turnovers can change the complexion of the this game quickly and spiral out of hand for the Outlaws. While this team is nowhere  being close to being out of the playoffs, each game will give valuable reps to a squad that has been completely out of sync, but has a promising core, especially when you have talent like Chris Murray on your team you will always have a chance to win.