GDFL Post Game Recap:3-0 Donut tour continues

by GDFL Media

Buffalo, New York-In great apex fashion The Upstate Predators cap a beautiful football Saturday off with a 24-🍩 win over the East Coast Blue Devils. 

The goal is to stop the other team from scoring more than you , but the Predators have not only scored more but they have stopped teams from even reaching the opposite 30 yard line let alone the end zone. The predator defense currently sits as one of the top in the league with 0 points scored against even scoring itself in 2/3 games. 

Billy Joiner yet again shows why he is always going to be a favorite for an MVP candidate because he will come out and light defenses up. Passing for 3 TD’s this game will make him the league leader in all passing categories. Sammy Diaz will have his breakout game with 2 TD’s , as well as new addition this season Gavin Shultz on his first career TD. 

Predators will be on a quick bye week then will be hosting another Buffalo native and new GDFL team this season The Buffalo Stampede (2-1). The Buffalo Stampede will be coming off a 24-0 win over the Charlotte Colonials , led by current top 3 league rusher Dejean McCullough.

This game will be a battle of the explosive offenses as both teams have numerous players that can take any play to the house ! You’re in for a treat football fans !!!