If the season ended today these teams would make the playoffs.

The hype is building up as the GDFL is just about wrapping up the regular season in a couple of weeks, with all the talking heads on social media projecting their opinions on which teams will emerge as a surprise contender for the  national playoffs. Even if they have put all their marbles on the Raiders to win it all! No one can say for 100% that this could be the case or can predict the future, but their could be some surprises along the way that could shake up the minor league football world everyone has their favorites but the playoffs is a different level and some teams have positioned themselves as dark horse playoff contenders.

Xtreme  Conference


Can the Raiders ' defense be solved? Andre Locke is the headliner in Raiders 30-0 win over the Rough Riders because he entered the weekend not playing his best in the past 3 games.However, the story of this past Saturday’s game was the Racine Raiders' defense. Anybody who watched that beatdown had to come away wondering if any opposing offense has the juice to conquer that bunch right now. Can the Raiders ' defense be solved?


If the offensive line can hold up at the line of scrimmage against aggressive pass rushers, the "The Law" will force opponents into shootouts that should match the squad's strengths. With Dominque White at the helm when the GDFL playoffs kicks off, the offense should operate efficiently under the direction of a veteran that is a four-time GDFL ALL-Pro  if he gets comfortable dropping dimes it could be a long night for his opponents. 


Hopefully the Rockets can find their way, as they try to find their rhythm “We are still putting the pieces together and there are still a lot of things that we need to work on. I will never overlook a win, but I know the level of football that my guys can play. We are just getting started.” Says Rocket Head Coach Nick Benjamin. 


New kids on the block could be a dark horse playoff contender. But they are a young team and are facing a level of talent that more then often can crush the spirits of a young and upcoming team. They are the true definition of what it means to be underdogs!



Predators offense is led by current MVP hopeful Billy Joiner who is looking towards finally getting that giant monkey off his back by overcoming a Syracuse team that has had the Predators number over past few years. Could this be the Predators year or will the pressure of the playoffs be too much?


 Capital City Seahawks are led by  Bryan Brooks and Dominic Harden who are eager to prove themselves in the national playoffs. “The Seahawks' have a strong belief, our ability to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness,”Head Coach Crowell stated, we are ready to take on whatever comes our way!”


The 2022 National Champions Syracuse Strong has been to the Mountain top (Gridiron Bowl) and has aspirations of reaching the pinnacle once again after losing their crown to Racine in the Semifinals in 2023 at home noting would be sweeter then returning the favor at their home and raising the National Championship trophy. But first things first take care of business at hand. 


Buffalo Stampede are looking to shock the world, they are a sleeper team and could be very dangerous in the playoffs. They are improving each week as a team that many are not counting out, they would love noting more then bringing back the National Championship to Buffalo a city starving for football greatness. It want be an easy task getting out of New York or away from the east coast without being battle tested. The real question is….. are they War Ready!

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