GDFL National Championship Post Game Recap

by PA

Erie, PA-Coming into this game , everyone had a feeling that the #2 Blackhawks would travel well. An that’s exactly what that did. Coming into this game 9 point Favorites. The hype , the expectations was met. Both teams started off very cold , trying to feel each other out. Erie Express got on the board first but the Blackhawks responded right back with a score of there own. Lets fast forward to 2nd Half. 

Erie Express All Pro QB Hannah had one of the best games of his career , when needed he came through all the playmakers came through as well. The 1-2 Punch duo in the run game with RB Bud Brown and Donte Harden gave the Blackhawks some serious problems in the 2nd Half. 

The world thought it would’ve been a low scoring game. Because of how dominant these defenses where all season but we all where wrong. Both offenses on both sides scored the most points they did all season. Very explosion all the way down to the last seconds. With about 1:37 left in the game Erie Express regain the lead with 6 Yard TD from Hannah to WR Koran Williams. (42-40)

Leaving a lot of time on the clock for the Blackhawks and 2 timeouts left. All they needed was a field goal to win this game, they pushed the ball all the way down field with great field position because of a Erie Express penalty excessed on the Kick-Off

With 18 Seconds left in Express Express territory inside the 10-Yard Line (2nd and Goal) Blackhawks QB Robert Fuller snaps the ball , holding the ball trying to find something open. As he holds the ball too long the Erie Express Defensive Line comes up huge once again in the biggest game in Erie Express history, as Anthony Wise and All Pro DL Dejuan Smith team up , grasping D.Vallery for a sack that ended the game in dramatic fashion. 

Erie Express wins their first National Championship in History silencing all the critiques. They have been playing the best ball all year in the GDFL, winning this game in dramatic fashion. It was no easy task but they got the job completed. 

Congratulations Erie Express ,GDFL National Champions


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The GDFL Communications Office contributed to this article.