GDFL Game Day Recap:Outlaws take down Spartans

by GDFL Media

Owensboro, Kentucky-Quarterback Dominique White had 7of 8 passing for 251 yards and 3 touchdowns on the day, the Outlaws defense forced two fumbles and a interception the No. 6 team in the Nation scored on their first four possessions to beat the Kentucky Spartans 44-0 on Saturday.

Outlaws head coach Luther Gregory said he was happy to see his team play at a high-level throughout, which has been a problem for the Outlaws due to some key players reporting late at the beginning of the season, causing the Outlaws to play less than stellar against weaker opponents.

“Great teams are able to play to a standard. Great individuals are able to play to a standard, not to an opponent,” Luther explained . “Competitors rise to the level of their opponent. To me great teams, championship teams, set the standard.”

The Tri-City Outlaws (3-0) won their first ever game against a Kentucky Spartan team that’s new to the GDFL. Kentucky Spartans (0-3), a team that has won a previous NFE Palm Bowl Championship in 2019. But of late the Spartans are searching to redefine themselves. Playing in the GDFL is no small task and it will take time to build in order to keep pace with some of the nation’s premier developmental football teams. 

Tri-City Outlaws dominated from the start to finish with the defensive unit playing lights out.

Dominique White had two passing touchdown’s, one to Anthony Dyson on a 7 yard touchdown pass in the first quarter and another for 73 yards in the fourth quarter to Randall “Bay Bay” Smith in the 4th from there the Outlaws never looked back.

Courtney Ransom streaked down the field untouched for 47 yards before being tackled at the Spartans 2 yard line. On the next possession, Outlaws scored on a 2-yard run, and the rout was on.

“This is all new to me, but it’s a blessing,” he said.

Gregory credited the defensive line for pressuring the Spartans and forcing the first interception by Anthony Smith who also finished the game with 5 solo tackles. Christopher “Jamaal Chapman added to solo tackles and a forced fumble and Accente Hill also contributed with a forced fumble. 

Anthony Smith explained,“I saw my opportunity and went to go get it,” he said. I felt the release and trusted my instincts. I looked back and there it was.”

Spartans Head Coach stat“It was hard to get into a rhythm because if you don’t have the ball that long you’re not really flowing and having the rhythm of just playing,” he said. 


Tri-City Outlaws : The #6 Outlaws will host rival # 5 Huntsville Rockets in the National Game of the Week. Both teams are fully loaded. So expect an all out War!