GDFL Game Day Predictions

by Independent News

Memphis Blast (2-1) vs Mississippi Road Warriors (0-1) 

Last time we saw the Memphis Blast take the field they showed us dominance. There Defense gave a shut out for the first this year. They are on the road against Mississippi Road Warriors. The MRW have had bad luck in the early going of this season with getting some wins and being consistent. Memphis looks to stay in the race as they sit in 3rd of their respective Division. But only 1.5 games back from first place. 

Final Prediction 

Memphis Blast over Mississippi Road Warriors (21-14)

Cleveland Rams (2-2)  vs Erie Express (1-2) 

This game on Paper looks to be one of the best games this weekend. Two great teams squaring up. This year the Cleveland Rams has been a great story on and off the field. Getting some great reviews along with positive exposure. On the field this offense is very explosive and can score points with the best if them. This game will show us all if the Erie Express are coming to the end far as being a contender for the GDFL National title. It’s in Cleveland so expect the Rams to come out with alot of energy and on their A game 

Final Prediction 

Cleveland Rams over  Erie Express (31-20) 

Columbus Fire (2-1) vs Baltimore Lightning (4-0)

Now this game right here , this is a must see. Baltimore has been dominant all season.

The Lightning truly have shown they are the new team to beat in the GDFL.Columbus Fire better come prepared or it will get ugly fast. This game will be a gut check for the Fire. 

Final Prediction 

Baltimore Lightning over Columbus Fire (27-20)

Everett Royals (0-4) vs Tacoma Sabers (2-2) 

These two teams have been on the outside looking in most of the year in the GDFL. Everett Royals have had a tough schedule all year. Now we are at the mid way through the season. The coaching staff is looking to some how getting  that one win to give the locker room some confidence. This week they face a tough team in the Sabers who are looking to make a push for the playoffs in the GDFL as they have lead in their Division. They control their own destiny. 

Final Prediction 

Tacoma Sabers over Everett Royals (35-0) 

Buffalo Wolverines (0-4) vs Syracuse Strong (4-0)

This game has all the making of a blow out. Syracuse has been a big surprise this season as they are ranked #2 in the Power Rankings. This team has every right to feel that they are one of the best in the country. Games like this they should be able to dominate. That’s the expectation the Buffalo Wolverines better come prepared or it will not be a pretty day. 

Final Prediction 

Syracuse Strong over Buffalo Wolverines (36-6) 

Washington Warriors (3-1) vs West Sound Rebels (4-1) 

Last time these two teams faced  off the West Sound Rebels came away with the W. After trailing (10-0) in the 1st Q. West Sound Rebels WR Cory Klingberg was a complete mismatch against they Warriors secondary. He helped his team pull away he had (5 Receptions, 128 Yards and 2 Touchdowns) he went off. Round 2 expect the Washington Warriors to come ready in all aspects. As they know if they win. They will move up to #1 in their Division over the Rebels 

Final Prediction 

Washington Warriors over West Sound Rebels (27-24)

Huntsville Rockets (2-1) vs  Tri City Outlaws (2-0) 

Tri City Outlaws looking like they are in playoff mode right now. Huntsville Rockets have looked pretty good against everyone they’ve played except the Outlaws. Week 1 was a shut out by Outlaws. This game is expected to be a bit different. Both teams control their own destiny. The GDFL is stacked with some great teams and these two teams basically will eliminate each other out of playoff contention. 

Final Prediction 

Tri City Outlaws over Huntsville Rockets (28-14)

New York Falcons (2-2)  vs Charlotte Colonials (1-4)

Lets make this one easy. These two teams are going in opposite directions. Falcons are one of them teams that are better than their record. They win the games they should but seems to have a tough time over achieving. The second of of the season will be a bit interesting for them. Colonials on the other end are playing to spoil chances. Sitting at (1-4) they know playoffs probably not possible in the GDFL. 

Final Prediction 

New York Falcons over Charlotte Colonials (32-15)

Salt Lake City Senate (2-2) vs  Las Vegas Saints (0-4) 

SLCS can easily be in the Top 10. They compete against top teams but can they get over the hump? This week should be a game they should win. Las Vegas Saints have been plagued with a identity crisis. Offense can’t produce and defense can’t stop anyone. The Senate should win this one. 

Final Prediction 

Salt Lake Senate  over Las Vegas Saints (43-0) 

Arizona Road Runners (3-1) vs Spokane Wolf Pack (1-2) 

Road Runners a true contender  in the GDFL. Their defense is no joke , one of the best front 7s in the league. This week they face a rare opponent they aren’t familiar with. So expect them to come out with fire. Spokane Wolf Pack is no walk over team at all. This one right here is a ruler game. How good are these teams, and how do they match up against teams they have no familiarity with. We will found out. 

Final Prediction 

Arizona Road Runner over Spokane Wolf Pack (31-13)