GDFL Expands into the North East

by Gridiron Media

The Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL) announced Tuesday afternoon that they would be expanding to atleast 15 new cities here is a preview of the first five new teams.

The Northeast Ohio Silverbacks,Western Pennsylvania Kings,Cleveland Cobras,West Virginia Gladiators,and Pittsburgh Colts have all committed to play next season in the Gridiron Developmental Football Leagues Northeast Football Conference. 

Northeast Ohio Silverbacks :

Northeast Ohio Silverbacks should be in the mix for the GDFL Northeast Football Conference Championship. The NEO Silverbacks ended it's amazing 2017 season with an 8-2 Overall Record, The Silverbacks need to get off to a strong start for the 2018 season and can do so if if they recruit well during the off-season . NEO Silverbacks is a good team, year after year, but might lack the team speed that it needs to maneuver through a tough conference.

About the  North East Ohio Silverbacks:

Come Join The SilverBacks Family, We Welcome You!
Founded during the 2013 Season, by Chris (Pops) and Donna (Mama) Foster. They discovered that building a family works a little bit better than just building a team.
The North East Ohio Silverbacks is a Pro Developmental Organization, a well established team that plays in a minor  league program. Being linked to the GDFL allows them help develop players for International Pro Leagues , Arena Football, and the NFL.
We are looking to inspire, train, and develop players for both on and off the field. NEO SilverBacks has a program that involves every aspect of the game, players become family, teamwork, accountability, communication, ability to work under pressure, to protect, to lead, and to follow.

 City: Akron, Ohio
Established: 2013
Stadium:  Copley Stadium
Colors: Purple, Black, Silver, and White
Ownership: Christopher & Donna Foster 

  • The 2017 OFL Playoff Contender 8-2 Overall Record
  • 2016 OFL Playoff Contender 
  • 2015 GDFL Division Champions-Playoff Contender 7-3 Overall Record
  • 2014 SPF  Division Champions Playoff Contender  6-4 Overall Record
  • 2013 GDFL Playoff Contender, 6-5 Overall Record

Cleveland Cobras

After a two year hiatus the Cobras returned triumphantly to the field for 2015, playing in the PAFL Title Game, coming up short, 9-8. Along they way they compiled a 12-3 mark, along with winning two very difficult road games in route to the title. The Conference title marks the Cobras first, and the division title makes number four, going back to the former HFL.

The Cobras returned with a new coaching staff and ownership group along with a managing functioning board of directors. Players from various former Cleveland teams joined forces for the best run any Cleveland team has seen in more than a decade! Question to ponder will the Cobras bounce back from a disappointing 2017 season that left many scratching their heads but with a new league (GDFL)and a stronger support system the the Cobras could easily be one of the top teams in the Nation!   

 City: Cleveland, Ohio
Established: 2006
Stadium: Brooklyn High Stadium
Colors: Green: Black ,and White
Ownership: Jessie Caldwell

  • The 2016 Midwest National Bowl Champions
  • 2016 PAFL Division Champions
  • 2015 PAFL Division Champions/Conference Champions
  • 2012 HFL Division Champions 
  • 2011 HFL Division Champions
  • 2008 USFA Division Champions

Pittsburgh Colts

The Colts were founded in 1979 by owner and coach Edward G. Brosky. At the time the Colts played in the Keystone Oaks area. The team was a member of the professional American Football Association in that league's final 1983 season. From 1988-1996 the Colts played in Stonefield Northpark and from 1997-2000 played in Duquesne. Recent Locations include, Uniontown, Chartiers Valley and Carlynton. The Colts were previously members of the American, North American Football League, and Regional American Football League before Edward Brosky formed the Grassroots Football League in 2009. The Colts played in the Semi-Pro Football League from 2010-2014 before joining the Gridiron Developmental Football League for the 2015 season. They also played at Chartiers Valley for the 2015 season.

 City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Established: 1979
Stadium:  Sto Rox Stadium
Colors: Green: Red ,White and Blue
Ownership: Edward G. Brosky

  • 2009- (10-1) Grassroots Football League Champions
  • 2008- (7-3) Grassroots Football League Champions
  • 2007- (15-1) Grassroots Division Champions/ Lost in 3rd Round of NAFL Playoffs to Kane County Eagles
  • 2006- (10-3) Grassroots Division Champions
  • 2005- (13-1) Grassroots Division Champions
  • 1981- Participated in American Football Association's National Championship Game

West Virginia Gladiators

The Gladiators are expected to be another solid addition to the GDFL North ,with a abundance of talent. Expect this hidden gem to go deep into the playoffs. With players like,Mathias Wells who walked on to the WVU football team after a standout career at Martin Van Buren (Queens, N.Y.), but suffered a knee injury. Now, he is taking a second opportunity to continue his passion with the Gladiators.

“This is really giving me the opportunity to work on film, techniques and focus on games,” Wells said. “I will take it as far as I can from here, seeing I am now done with collegiate football. I am not going to chase the dream forever, but now I have this second opportunity and I am going to give it one more shot.”Former owner Rich Maxwell said,We had 45-60 players on the team. We had many Mountaineers and [Division III] players on the team and were pretty dominant.” With that being said the Gladiators are in good hands and the expectations are high for their 2018 campaign in the GDFL on the National Stage.

 City: Morgantown, West Virginia
Established: 2004
Stadium: Trinity Christian School Stadium
Colors: Green: Red ,White and Black
Ownership: Quentine DeShield

  • 2017- PFL Playoff Contender 8-2 Overall Record


The Kingz, for a new team has a few advantages: strong coach, veteran players, and a large talent pool to draw from. While expectations may not be extremely high yet, there is room for optimism. There is no doubt, Coach King will have his team prepared and focused. The 2018 season will depend on how well he recruits and if his team executes his well-orchestrated game plan.

 City: Shippenville, Pennsylvania
Established: 2017
Stadium: TBA
Colors: Green: Black ,White and Gold
Ownership: Corey King

  • 2017 Inaugural Season 
  • 2017-PFL Western Division B Champions