GDFL Adds Industry Director

by GDFL Media

Memphis,Tenn-Christopher L. Stanback has supported the leagues' visual broadcast needs for several years. More recently, live broadcasting the two previous Gridiron Bowl National Championship games held in Memphis, Tn. & Birmingham, Al. 

On behalf of the Visual Intelligence Network(TheVin), Stanback is launching a 24-hour linear television platform available worldwide through the digital internet spectrum. This strategic innovation will allow all broadcast partners/content producers affiliated with the Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL) to have a more influential presence throughout the online digital market.

To develop the necessary skillsets to achieve this, Stanback has invested his career through managing the largest of retail super-centers, regional broadcast television stations and social media giants. Entrepreneur wise, Stanback has managed a community centre, entertainment tours and currently produces live broadcast for many of Americas' favorite events in many of Americas most elegant venues. The largest venue at this time being the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, TX. The most notable client at this time being 2012 NFL Super Bowl Champion, Isaiah Stanback.

In 2007, Stanback graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a Bachelors of Art degree in Communications & History. While ensuring that the University was top ten in the nation in the fields of academics & social life, Stanback was unmatched with recognition of many regional & international awards.


  • "Broadcast Student of the Year"
  • "International Travel Studies Student of the Year"
  • "Humanities & Fine Arts Student of the Year"
  • "Imani Beard Civil Rights Award"

Stanback was invited to represent the University through ambassadorship throughout several countries in Europe. Several years preceding that, Stanback helped launch a broadcast TV/Radio station for the Shelby County School District. In the process, Stanback produced and commentated the first live simulcast of a high school athletic event in the city of Memphis, Tn.

"America's most influential content is not being televised. Today's media is based so much on deceit, scandals and capitalizing off of someones' hardship. We deserve better than that. Most people attempting to do this, have generational budgets. This has been none less than a walk of faith for me. I was born without the ability to speak. Actually, I struggled for years. Longer than projected. It was not until right before college graduation that I begin speaking fluently. Communicating effectively is one of the hardest things to accomplish as human-beings. I beat the odds and accomplished that. The rest of this is not easy but is just a matter of time now.  Working alongside Mr.Thompson, whom coached and inspired me many years ago, we are about to achieve something incredible that even billionaires fail at. Says Stanback."

“Adding a guy like Christopher L. Stanback to our media team takes us to a whole new level,” said Tracy Hardney-Scott, COO of the Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL).  “Stanback’s background in broadcast TV/Radio will bring a perspective to our fans and he will really helps keep fans educated and engaged as the game is being played out on the field. 

 "Christopher L. Stanback did a tremendous job for us on the Gridiron Bowl National Championship games for the pass couple of seasons so our viewing audience will receive an unbelievable experience when they tune into our 24hr. linear television platform broadcasts.”

“I am extremely excited to have Christopher join the media team,” said Thompson.  “His passion for football and knowledge of the GDFL will immediately reignite our fans, owners and players.  We the Gridiron Developmental Football League welcomes Christopher L. Stanback and we wish him nothing but continued success !”


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The GDFL Communications Office contributed to this article.