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2020 Gridiron Developmental Football League: Information | Click to fill out Application

Memphis,TN-The Gridiron Developmental Football League is proud to announce that we are now accepting  teams for the 2020 Season and beyond.

The GDFL will kick-off our 11th season starting May 2, 2020.To ensure sustainability and success of the GDFL, the league will be adding expansion teams from  July1st to  December 31st 2019

The Gridiron Developmental Football League has a proven track record in sports excellence .We are the only premiere nationally recognized minor professional football league in the country , that has top tier programs across the nation and has given several players and coaches a true platform to advance in the professional ranks and expand their playing careers.  We are a no nonsense national minor professional football league that doesn't lower our standards or need gimmicks to attract top tier football programs or top athletes we have proven results from international & arena professional leagues to the ultimate dream of having players who have signed NFL contracts.

In addition to recruiting opportunities, GDFL teams compete for the right to be called National Champion in the most prestigious minor professional football league's national championship game dubbed (Gridiron Bowl).Teams that earn their place in the GDFL playoffs have a proven track record of success against regional and national competition, and are among the nation's best .Scouts frequently attend GDFL games, creating another significant opportunity for players in an environment of meaningful play, citing the competitive level of games as every team has to earn their place in the competition, regardless of affiliation or location.

Come join a League with a proven track record. Don’t just join a football league become part of a Brand,The GDFL!

The Gridiron Developmental Football League will be announcing future plans with the league in the next few weeks. We would like to thank ALL of the team owners, players, staff, volunteers and most importantly the fans for supporting the GDFL!

We look forward to the future and hope you join us in our next phase of providing a top notch football league

For more information on the The Gridiron Developmental Football League, including stories, standings and video, please visit Please contact Commissioner George Burch at with questions.

All teams who would like to participate in the Gridiron Developmental Football League must submit an application.