Game of Thrones Knights vs Warriors

by Gridiron

Tacoma,Washington-After disappointing game 1 loss, with their inability to get the offense going despite their defense keeping it close, the best thing for the Knights is to get right back out on the field and play, in hopes of erasing the previous game from their memories.

More importantly, Saturday night represents a nice chance at a fresh start. The Knights opened their season with a lot of hype and high expectations and now they will get a chance to play a meaningful game in Tacoma at Lincoln Bowl for the first time in franchise history.

The Washington Warriors come to town looking to further distance themselves from the memory of their own loss two weeks ago. It’s was a winnable game for tWarriors that just slipped through their finger tips. Last week, however, the Warriors were able to rally behind Dayshun Salgado and the QB tandem of Harry Peoples and Adam Kruse on the way to an impressive regular season win. Fans should expect more of the same on Saturday night.

Key match ups: For the Knights it’s all about Emmanuel Thompkins and Brice Philippus. Both players will be counted on for an encore performance after flying around and making plays in Week 1.

However, the Knights are looking to come away with a W, the real pressure will be on their secondary to lock down the weapons the Warriors have in their passing game. If they can get their offense rolling and force the Warriors into mistakes, they have all the tools they need to win this game.

Warriors' QB Adam Kruse might have his hands full trying to take care of the football, due to the number of playmakers and ballhawks on the Knights defense and with the potential chance of rain in the forecast. It makes things a little more complicated.

He has struggled at points this season, but Kruse is still a veteran quarterback and never one to be underestimated or taken lightly. Likewise, his supporting cast can put up points in a hurry if he's allowed to get time in the pocket to make big plays.

On the other side of the ball, the Warriors defense has plenty of veterans and talented players as well. They have built a unit and front line that can harass opposing QBs and running backs and their defense as a whole is definitely not one to be slept on either.

In the end, two young GDFL teams with a lot of talent and potential will get to face off Saturday night when the lights are their brightest. But once that first whistle blows at 7 o'clock PST and the game goes live ( will the battle between these two hungry teams begin. Of course, only one team will leave Lincoln Field with a the Victory!

Who? The answer to that question won't be written until the clock hits double-0s on Saturday. But we'll be watching, gentlemen. Make the GDFL proud.