Game of the Week:Stampede vs Predators in the Larry G Classic

by GDFL Media

Rochester,New York- Larry G Day is in remembrance of a fallen Upstate Predator Coach the Predators will host an annual Larry Guererri tribute game. In tribute fashion players will sport red accessories during the game in support. 

Predators come off a bye week after a 24-0 win over the East Coast Blue Devils. Predators come into the game scoring a high 126 to opposing 0. Also hosting league leaders in multiple categories, the energy is high and the expectations are even higher. Being ranked #2 in the league comes with a lot of eyes to the Western Central NY team.

Buffalo Stampede is a new team this season , and have been turning heads with their play ! Coming in with their proud Buffalo colors red white and blue they are making sure teams know who they are. Another team with players high in the leaderboards there is no slouch and this should be a great match up.

Rochester Vs Buffalo games always tend to be hard hitting and big plays happen in games like this ! Who will have more of them this Saturday ? This game will be played at Geneva HS , kickoff at 7 PM. 

Key players to watch 

    ⁃    Billy Joiner , QB - Upstate Predators 

    ⁃    Tommy Love II , RB - Upstate Predators 

    ⁃    Jarret Osterhout , WR - Upstate Predators 

    ⁃    Darius Fulton , LB - Upstate Predators 

    ⁃    Damon Glasgow Jr. , LB - Upstate Predators 

    ⁃    Deanthony Terrell , DE - Upstate Predators 

    ⁃    Dejean McCullough , RB - Buffalo Stampede 

    ⁃    Justin Goldsmith , QB - Buffalo Stampede 

    ⁃    David Grant Jr , WR - Buffalo Stampede 

    ⁃    Desmond Foster , DE - Buffalo stampede 

    ⁃    Devon Grant , LB - Buffalo Stampede