Familiar Faces At The Top

by Gridiron Media

Memphis,Tenn-Three of the top 4 playoff contenders are in familiar positions with a bye week and some much needed time to rest and gather intel for deep playoffs runs. Both contenders in the Impact Conference have Gridiron Bowl experience, while the Xtreme Conference participants are hard-pressed for this year to be the year. 

The Oklahoma Thunder have rumbled through another undefeated season and ride a 20+ game winning streak into the 2017 playoffs. The Thunder showed no vulnerability throughout the season and will look to remain dominant as the season heats up. The most experienced of all the GDFL teams, as well as the most talented, the Thunder, are a dose of cold reality for their competition. The question is, who can scale the highest mountain on the GDFL landscape? 

 The Chattanooga Eagles fly in as the top seeded in the Xtreme Conference. Loaded with speed, power, and an aggressive attack, the Eagles enter the postseason with supreme confidence. The Eagles have 3 wins against potential playoff competition solidifying their standing atop the conference. Playing at home, where they have yet to taste defeat, is sure to bolster the confident bunch. Who can ground the Eagles? 

The Alabama Sabers possess one of the most exciting to watch and prolific offense in the GDFL. Beware of the smoke and mirrors. Their success is no magic trick, this team is loaded with talent bursting from every uniform. Since their entry in the league, they have been a quiet storm brewing in Alabama. Their speed might be the best the league has to offer and their will is unmatched. These cats, don’t mess around and opponents realize this fact early. Can the Sabers scratch and claw themselves to a title? The Crescent City Kings have earned veterans status in the GDFL. 

In their fourth year, the Kings resume is as impressive as any. Their last two seasons have been ended by the last team standing when the smoke clears. These experiences have hardened the resolve of the franchise and choked away any fear of opposition. This group is motivated, agitated and ready to stamp themselves as a champion. If recent memory is served, whoever can take down the Kings, will be called champion in the end. Can the Kings defeat themselves in search of the ultimate prize?