GDFL Gameday Falcons Travel to Colonials

by Gridiron

Rochester, NY- The Charlotte Colonials are home for part 2 vs the New York Falcons. June 4 the Charlotte Colonials fell short 6-12. In a game where the colonials fought to the last second, but came up short when the last play was called short and down at the 1 yard line. 

The Charlotte Colonials are looking to regroup second part of the season and turn things around. 

“We’ve had a lot of games where we could of turned games around, we are looking to minimize mistakes.” — Carlo  Olivares owner of the Colonials 

“We have a team of new and veteran players. Biggest thing is meshing we’ll together and minimizing the mistakes. Once we can mesh well and minimize the mistakes we can be a very successful team.” — Carlo  Olivares owner of the Colonials 

“Things haven’t really gone in our favor. We are a way better team then we are showing. We have to work on organization and discipline. Word that stands out the most is execution! We have to stay focused. Have fun win lose or draw! “ — Mike James Team Captain