East Penn Raiders Join GDFL

by Gridiron Media

ALLENTOWN,PA-The Gridiron Developmental Football League is proud to announce the addition of the East Penn Raiders of Allentown, Pennsylvania as the newest member of the GDFL aka "The League of Champions for the 2021 season and beyond. 

Founded in 2019 by owner Michael Keefer the East Penn Raiders started playing in the Major League Football Conference where they became an instant 1st year contender playing in the MLF Conference Championship and being invited to a National Bowl Game falling short in the Orange Blossom Bowl Game against the 2019 Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs (GDFL) runners-up in Florida. But nevertheless East Penn Raiders had a phenomenal season, not just on the field but working with local organizations, visiting charity camps and more.

The East Penn Raiders second season (2020) was followed up by winning in their first ever MLF American Conference Championship game against the defending MLF Champions (New York Rebels). The East Penn Raiders finished the 2020 season with an 9-3 record, and were competitive for much of the season until meeting a highly ranked Brooklyn Seminoles (NY)  team in the MLF championship game. For the second year in a row, the young Raiders have shown they are a true force on the minor league circuit. Entering the #1 developmental football league in country in their third season will be the ultimate test as they will face top competition week in and week out in the Gridiron Developmental Football League. “Winning is a big deal for us we are looking forward to the challenge ,” Raiders Head Coach told Gridiron Media.

"We are excited about our new opportunity in the Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL) and are looking forward to a great partnership.  The East Penn Raiders are committed to putting a first-class product on the field. As a administrative staff, we welcome the new challenge. We are very happy that our fan base will have the opportunity to continue enjoying the East Penn Raiders brand," stated Owner Mike Keefer.

EAST PENN raiders mission 

The East Penn Raiders are a Minor League Football Program dedicated to developing young athletes who have both football and professional goals. They aspire to further their playing careers on both the collegiate and professional levels. Team management recognizes the value that a developmental team such as the East Penn Raiders can provide the athletes as they leave the high school level and seek to compete on the college level. In addition to that, we recognize that we can enhance collegiate athletes who have successfully completed playing at that level and propel them to higher level paid football opportunities (NFL, CFL, AFL, as well as European Football Leagues.) The East Penn Raiders are not limited to young athletes but also provide athletes of all ages the opportunity to play the game of football, for the true love of the game.

'It is our mission to provide quality entertainment for fans and sponsors, as well as to have a positive impact on the community. From the owner to the staff down to the players we are committed to engaging in the community, participating in programs and taking any and all opportunities to give back to the Lehigh Valley. Our standard is to promote a culture of excellence, as well as to inspire both personal and professional growth on and off the field in terms of teamwork, dedication, and relationships. We look forward to growing with the community and becoming a true staple of ‘The Valley.’


The Gridiron Developmental Football League is a Professional Developmental Football League based in Memphis, Tennessee. This League was established to provide the community with high quality sports entertainment and to provide athletes the opportunity to participate in professional sports. 

We are looking at partnering with national and local area businesses in our pursuit of excellence and commitment to our community. Our commitment, dedication, and vision are set on building a firm foundation for professionalism and quality. 

The Gridiron Developmental Football League continues to strive to provide a quality minor professional level of football throughout the United States and beyond giving area athletes and fans the opportunity be a part of history. Our organization would like to thank you for your support. 

We are excited about the upcoming season and look forward to “Making AN IMPACT” in our Community. Fans can visit our website at www.gdfl.org for upcoming announcements, ticketing info, and player tryouts.

The GDFL Communications Office contributed to this article