Eagles headed to the National Championship

by Gridiron Media

Chattanooga,Tenn -The Eagles pulled off the nail-bitter against the Crush 22-16. The Eagles scored on the first play of the game on a 70yd Double-Pass from Kolby Copeland, to CJ Deloney, who then threw to Sam Caffey. 

The Eagles did not score again in the first half. The Crush defense held the Eagle offense in check most of the night. In the second half, scores came from Robby Turner on a 10yd power run, and another Sam Caffey TD from Kolby Copeland with 1:00 on the clock. "In the end, the defense won this football game. 

Our offense struggled to move the ball all night and penalties killed us. Not only did our offense struggle to move the ball, but we left our defense in some really bad positions. At the end of the day, that's what makes this team so special. 

They have each others back and don't let the small things affect us. We knew it was a matter of time for our offense to click. Just thankful for our defense to hold them off." Said Coach Clark.