Cleveland Rams (3-0) vs Ohio Elite Outlaws (3-0) Battle of First place GDFL GAME OF THE WEEK


The Pregame

Both teams the Cleveland Rams and the Ohio Elite Outlaws came into this game 3-0 and tied for first place in the Eastern Xtreme North Division in the Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL). This is the GDFL Game of the Week! These two teams are new rivals and both teams are from the Cleveland Ohio area, so this game had much more in stake than just First Place! This is the first matchup between the two teams, they will face off again the last game of the season for potentially a playoff berth! This was a HIGHLY ANTICIPATED game! Only one team can walk away with the temporary crown and solely own the rights of first place in their respective division thus far into the season.

The Arrival

This game was played at the Cleveland Rams home field the Roye Kidd Stadium located in Cleveland Ohio. The gates opened at 3pm that Saturday afternoon but the Ohio Outlaws were there early and ready to play! The gates opened and the players from both teams took the field to stretch and to do warmups. Pouring in after the players were the fans of both teams totaling over 200 people to attend this game to witness the clash of two new rivals. Announcer Tommy Parker soon to be inducted in the Announcer Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio greeted the fans and both teams to the stadium.

The Game

First drive (The Statement)

The referees get to the game and the game is going to start on time, Announcer Tommy Parker plays the National Anthem and the captains met at the 50-yard line. The Ohio Outlaws called heads and won the toss. The Ohio Outlaws elected to defer to the second half which gave the Cleveland Rams the option to receive the ball. The kickoff happens and we are underway! The Cleveland Rams take the opening kickoff to the 42-yard line. The Cleveland Rams knew how important it was to start the game off strong playing against a great team and that’s exactly what they did. Driving the ball all the way into the endzone for a touchdown! Quarterback Demonte Clements completes a 20-yard touchdown pass to Tight end Tevin Griffin!!!! The Cleveland Rams punch in the extra point with a 2-yard run from the full back Gerard McClain! Offensive Coordinator Melvin King was working his magic!

The Rams Stingy Defense

The Rams run a stout defense that’s mastered by Defensive Coordinator Markus Steele ex NFL Linebacker. The Rams defense is led by Middle Linebacker Jeremiah Drake. The rams defense only had given up 8 points on the year before this game, also they have yet to give up 150 yards combined in a single game to the opposing team and that’s passing and rushing yards combined! This game was no different, after marching down for a touchdown in their first offensive drive the Rams defense held the Outlaws to a 3 and out! This would be the theme for this game. 

The Rams next possession they punt the ball to the Outlaws, but THE BALL IS MUFFED AND RECOVERED IN THE ENDZONE BY THE LONG SNAPPER Patrick Sullivan!!!! That gave the Rams a 14-0 lead on the Outlaws after the rams failed to convert the extra point. This game became a real defensive battle! The Ohio Outlaws caused a fumble on the Rams 30-yard line, but the Rams defense stands strong and force the Outlaws to turn the ball over on downs!

 The Cleveland Rams in the 3rd quarter get an interception by Dee Lawson and he takes it back to the house for 6! The Rams take a 22-0 lead after quarterback Demonte Clements completes 2-point conversion to wide receiver Diontez (Lefty) May. The Outlaws struggled to conjure up any positive offensive yards against this stingy hard-hitting defense.

The Conclusion 

The Cleveland Rams holds off and win a very hard-hitting great competitive game vs the Ohio Elite Outlaws 22-0 and is now solely in first place in the Eastern Xtreme North Division. The Cleveland Rams are in control of their future and potential playoff berth! The Rams play the Cleveland Cobras at home at Roye Kidd Stadium the following week to try to stay undefeated, and the Ohio Elite Outlaws host the Steel Valley Truth to try to bounce back and become 4-1. The next time the Cleveland Rams and the Ohio Elite Outlaws meet it will be highly anticipated once again and the whole division may be on the line!

In the words of Head Coach Juice Jones of the Cleveland Rams “You must WIN THE DAY!”


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