Chattanooga Eagles Land in GDFL

by Gridiron Media

Chattanooga,Tn-The GDFL (Gridiron Developmental Football League) announced the addition of the Chattanooga Eagles in an official press release Saturday morning.

Eagles owner Hayden Clark was joined by GDFL commissioner Devin Richardson to announce the inclusion of the Eagles for the 2017 season. The GDFL season kicks off May 13th 2017 and generally runs through July , with a championship, The Gridiron Bowl, to be held on the weekend of August 26th.

Mr.Clark stated,"We are excited to be joining a very competitive league with teams that are ranked in the Top 5 in Nation: (1) Oklahoma Thunder (2) Nashville Storm, (3)Georgia Crush and (4) Memphis Blast! This will be a great and exciting journey and a chance to bring the GDFL National championship to Chattanooga"!

The GDFL is proud to present and welcome the Chattanooga Eagles to the GDFL family. The “One Direction” principles set forth by the league in 2016 are the foundation upon which the league stands. The Chattanooga Eagles have made the commitment to reach higher and farther, by joining one of the very best developmental leagues in America.

The GDFL is entering it’s eight season in 2017. The league is spread over the country from Georgia, to Oklahoma  and down to Tampa,Florida. The GDFL is a developmental league, providing a platform for athletes who look to get opportunities from the NFL and CFL (Canadian Football League). The most prominent GDFL star who made it to the next level is Devin Breaux, defensive  back for the New Orleans Saints.