Capital City Seahawks with a point to prove in 2024

by GDFL Media

Brandywine, Maryland-The Seahawks kicked off their GDFL campaign with a dominant 48-0 victory over the Washington Bulldawgs.

Following a rigorous pre-season, the Seahawks showcased their hard work and determination. Led by veteran quarterback Aaron 'Showtime' Caldwell, the offense put on an impressive display. Rookie wide receiver Dalvin Brown earned Player of the Game honors with three catches for 139 yards and two touchdowns, including an incredible one-handed catch. While second year All-Pro running back Desean Young amassed 132 yards on 15 carries and one touchdown. Seahawks wide receivers Byran Brooks, and Daquan McCarter added scores as well.

The Seahawks defense was in top form, with rookie defensive end Marcus Cousins recording four sacks and four tackles for loss. All-Pro linebacker Malik Brown added six tackles and a pick-6, while defensive tackles Stedman Washington and Bruce Yates controlled the Bulldawgs' offensive line, allowing only five rushing yards. Seahawks rookie defensive coordinator Calvin Dickens credited his coaches and teammates for their hard work and dedication. 

Head coach James 'Coach Crow' Crowell emphasized the importance of staying humble and focused, as the Seahawks prepare to face the Baltimore Lightning on June 1st. Offensive coordinator William Fenwick acknowledged the Lightning's reputation for playing the Seahawks tough and close, and highlighted the need for his unit to raise their game and change the trend.

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