by GDFL Media

Washington, DC-The Capital City Seahawks lined up to play their first football game February 23rd, 2013, against the Tidewater Renegades. They won that game 34-18, at the helm was Head Coach James “Coach Crow” Crowell, OC Shawn Penn, and at DC the living legend Rayvon Scott. 

From that the point the Seahawks have gone on to be one of the most successful football programs in the country. Amassing three (3) league championships, three (3) National Bowl wins, five (5) regional bowl game wins, and over 100 wins over the last nine (9) years. Despite a recent championship game everything at the semi-pro level has been achieved by the Seahawks and it left Coach Crow with one question, “What’s next?” So, for the tenth season and beyond the Seahawks will be making the jump to the Professional Developmental ranks in the GDFL.  

Seahawks Head Coach James Crowell says, “We need to challenge this program to be more. More discipline, more focus, more determined, and hungrier. The GDFL provides the challenges that will bring out the best in this program.” 

For this GDFL season the Seahawks will be returning 40 of the 65 players from their 2022 summer/fall team. Understanding the GDFL is different, the Seahawks are looking for a special 25 to fill those roster spots.

Asst. Head Coach Andre Jones stated “We are not here to waste time. We want to win a National Championship in a National league. Being the best in the DMV is great however, being the best in the country is special and this program is special. With this National schedule we are looking to cement this organizations legacy.” 

“The GDFL welcomes the Capital City Seahawks and look forward to an exciting 2023 season and beyond”,said league commissioner Anthony Rodrigues.