Bulldawgs Join Gridiron Developmental Football League

by McKinley Young Jr.

 Pro Elite 2017 Newcomer Team of the year joins nation’s top League. 

 By McKinley Young Jr.

Metro Sports writer Tennessee Tribune

Nashville,TN-The Middle Tennessee Bulldawgs, coming off a successful inaugural season in 2017, has decided to journey into the deep end of the developmental football pool. This week their front office announced the team joining the Gridiron Developmental Football League in the summer arguable one of the top leagues in the country.

“Yeah this is big for us,” said Bulldawg owner Ricky Prochaska. “We dominated two leagues last year then we didn’t play well against better competition. The GDFL will get us ready for what the nation has to offer us.”

After winning 23 games straight and winning championships in the Middle Tennessee Football League and the Mid-South Football Alliance, the Bulldawgs struggled in a bowl game tying the Charlotte Colts 6-6 this past November then losing in a championship game to the Connecticut Panthers 9-6 on January 13th. According to Prochaska, his team became complacent. They defeated one team 86-0 and routinely beat team by over 40 points.

Middle Tennessee’s move to the GDFL gives Nashville, an important demographic, a team in the league after not having one last season. Geographical rivalries could easily occur because of the city’s close proximity to Chattanooga, Tennessee, Clarksville, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama. Atlanta and Memphis, which are both three hours away, also have competitive teams. The Bulldawgs 2017 success will be tested by a bevy of talent in the league.

“I know the GDFL all too well,” said Bulldawg general manager Scott Wallace who held the same position with the previous Nashville football franchise that was in the league. “Every week we will be in a dogfight. Our success has squarely placed a bull’s-eye on our backs. Our team is confident and that makes teams want to knock us off. Trust me; we also have a couple of teams on our radar as well, should be an interesting summer.”


The Gridiron Developmental Football League is a Professional Developmental Football League based in Memphis, Tennessee. This League was established to provide the community with high quality sports entertainment and to provide athletes the opportunity to participate in professional sports. We are looking at partnering with national and local area businesses in our pursuit of excellence and commitment to our community. Our commitment, dedication, and vision are set on building a firm foundation for professionalism and quality. The Gridiron Developmental Football League continues to strive to provide a quality minor professional level of football throughout the United States and beyond giving area athletes and fans the opportunity be a part of history. Our organization would like to thank you for your support. We are excited about the upcoming season and look forward to “Making AN IMPACT” in our Community.

Fans can visit our website at www.gdfl.org for upcoming announcements, ticketing info, and player tryouts.