Blast struggles continue, fall to #3 Kings


Memphis,Tenn-Last Saturday, the Crescent City Kings pulled into Memphis. The Kings and Blast possess a long, bitter, yet mutually respectful rivalry. Each team, by league standards is considered cornerstones of the GDFL. While the weather cleared up during the week, the rising temperature ensured this game would be a battle of attrition. With their 32-9 victory, Crescent City firmly cements their status a team to contend for the title.

Shorthanded: The Kings enter Memphis sporting an active roster of twenty-five. As a result, players played each side of the ball for long stretches. If you’ve been to Memphis in the summer, you can only imagine how trying the weather is. Yet, for a team that practices in Louisiana heat rain or shine, the game was business as usual. Although the score surprised many considered that twenty-five players suited up. On the other hand seeing the Kings dominate the offensive line should not shock anyone, as it’s the hallmark of this franchise.

Intelligent Play Calling: Coach Washington used an ingenious play scheme to attack the Blast. With less than thirty players, the smart money would be to pound Memphis into submission. In contrast, Coach Washington mixed in downfield passing to keep the Blast reeling. Although games are won on the field, they are drawn up by coaches. Basically, the Kings manhandled a team that fielded almost twice as many players. To a man, people respect Coach Washington’s ability to not panic. Memphis anticipated perimeter running. What they received was an air show.

Interview: Standout wideout Larry Johnson torched the Blast. Quiet and respectful, Johnson approaches the game with an unrivaled tenacity.

Q: Over the last two weeks, the offense exploded. What can you cite as the main reason?

LJ: Coach Washington became our full time offensive coordinator. Since then, the offense balanced and the ball sees multiple receivers. There’s a flow.

Q: Entering the season, the Kings did not have a definite answer at quarterback. How did Jyron Walters solve that issue?

LJ: Immediately, he stepped and gave us the leader that we needed at the QB position.

Q: Pre-snap, how do you break down a cornerback?

LJ: I look to see what type of defense they're in. Then, I look to see if they have help over the top or not.

Q: Where can you improve for the rest of the season?

LJ: For the rest of the season, I will improve on getting in and out of my routes faster. Plus, I want to read the defense better while running my routes.

Q: Travelling with less than thirty, you defeated a quality Memphis team. What does that say about the team?

LJ:  Going to Memphis with only twenty-five players and winning shows the quality talent we have. While everyone wasn’t there, those that were performed well in securing that victory.